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EMC Isilon OneFS, EMC Isilon OneFS -, EMC Isilon OneFS 7.2.0.x, EMC Isilon OneFS -, and EMC Isilon OneFS 7.1.0.x is affected by an LDAP injection vulnerability that could potentially be exploited by a malicious user to compromise the system.

In Joomla! before 3.8.0, inadequate escaping in the LDAP authentication plugin can result in a disclosure of a username and password.

ldapauth-fork before 2.3.3 allows remote attackers to perform LDAP injection attacks via a crafted username.

html/admin/login.php in PacketFence before 3.0.2 allows remote attackers to conduct LDAP injection attacks and consequently bypass authentication via a crafted username.

An issue was discovered on Accellion FTA devices before FTA_9_12_180. The home/seos/courier/ldaptest.html POST parameter "filter" can be used for LDAP Injection.

Apache Karaf prior to 4.0.8 used the LDAPLoginModule to authenticate users to a directory via LDAP. However, it did not encoding usernames properly and hence was vulnerable to LDAP injection attacks leading to a denial of service.

phpLDAPadmin 1.2.2 allows LDAP injection via a crafted server_id parameter in a cmd.php?cmd=login_form request, or a crafted username and password in the login panel.

MIT krb5 1.6 or later allows an authenticated kadmin with permission to add principals to an LDAP Kerberos database to circumvent a DN containership check by supplying both a "linkdn" and "containerdn" database argument, or by supplying a DN string which is a left extension of a container DN string ...

IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere 11 could allow a remote authenticated attacker to conduct an LDAP injection. By using a specially crafted request, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability to make unauthorized queries or modify the LDAP content. IBM X-Force ID: 160761.

The remoting module in Jenkins before 2.32 and LTS before 2.19.3 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted serialized Java object, which triggers an LDAP query to a third-party server.

VMware vCenter Server (6.5 prior to 6.5 U1 and 6.0 prior to 6.0 U3c) does not correctly handle specially crafted LDAP network packets which may allow for remote denial of service.


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