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Platform: win10Date: (C)2016-09-23   (M)2018-07-10

Specify the 'Network access: Remotely accessible registry paths and sub-paths' for Machine This policy setting determines which registry paths and sub-paths will be accessible when an application or process references the WinReg key to determine access permissions. Note: In Windows XP this setting is called "Network access: Remotely accessible registry paths," the setting with that same name in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2003 does not exist in Windows XP. Note: When you configure this setting you specify a list of one or more objects. The delimiter used when entering the list is a line feed or carriage return, that is, type the first object on the list, press the Enter button, type the next object, press Enter again, etc. The setting value is stored as a comma-delimited list in group policy security templates. It is also rendered as a comma-delimited list in Group Policy Editor's display pane and the Resultant Set of Policy console. It is recorded in the registry as a line-feed delimited list in a REG_MULTI_SZ value. Counter Measure: Configure the Network access: Remotely accessible registry paths and sub-paths setting to a null value (enable the setting but do not enter any paths in the text box). Potential Impact: Remote management tools such as the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and Microsoft Systems Management Server require remote access to the registry to properly monitor and manage those computers. If you remove the default registry paths from the list of accessible ones, such remote management tools could fail. Note: If you want to allow remote access, you must also enable the Remote Registry service."


Technical Mechanism: (1) GPO: Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Network access: Remotely accessible registry paths and sub-paths (2) REG: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurePipeServers\Winreg\AllowedPaths\Machine


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SCAP Repo OVAL Definitionoval:org.secpod.oval:def:35070

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