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Platform: win10Date: (C)2016-09-23   (M)2018-03-24

Ensure No Auditing for 'Audit Policy: Object Access: Certification Services' This subcategory reports when Certification Services operations are performed. Events for this subcategory include: - 4868: The certificate manager denied a pending certificate request. - 4869: Certificate Services received a resubmitted certificate request. - 4870: Certificate Services revoked a certificate. - 4871: Certificate Services received a request to publish the certificate revocation list (CRL). - 4872: Certificate Services published the certificate revocation list (CRL). - 4873: A certificate request extension changed. - 4874: One or more certificate request attributes changed. - 4875: Certificate Services received a request to shut down. - 4876: Certificate Services backup started. - 4877: Certificate Services backup completed. - 4878: Certificate Services restore started. - 4879: Certificate Services restore completed. - 4880: Certificate Services started. - 4881: Certificate Services stopped. - 4882 : The security permissions for Certificate Services changed. - 4883: Certificate Services retrieved an archived key. - 4884: Certificate Services imported a certificate into its database. - 4885: The audit filter for Certificate Services changed. - 4886: Certificate Services received a certificate request. - 4887: Certificate Services approved a certificate request and issued a certificate. - 4888: Certificate Services denied a certificate request. - 4889: Certificate Services set the status of a certificate request to pending. - 4890: The certificate manager settings for Certificate Services changed. - 4891: A configuration entry changed in Certificate Services. - 4892: A property of Certificate Services changed. - 4893: Certificate Services archived a key. - 4894: Certificate Services imported and archived a key. - 4895: Certificate Services published the CA certificate to Active Directory Domain Services. - 4896: One or more rows have been deleted from the certificate database. - 4897: Role separation enabled: - 4898: Certificate Services loaded a template. - 4899: A Certificate Services template was updated. - 4900: Certificate Services template security was updated. - 5120: OCSP Responder Service Started. - 5121: OCSP Responder Service Stopped. - 5122: A Configuration entry changed in the OCSP Responder Service. - 5123: A configuration entry changed in the OCSP Responder Service. - 5124: A security setting was updated on OCSP Responder Service. - 5125: A request was submitted to OCSP Responder Service. - 5126: Signing Certificate was automatically updated by the OCSP Responder Service. - 5127: The OCSP Revocation Provider successfully updated the revocation information. Refer to the Microsoft Knowledgebase article "Description of security events in Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2008" for the most recent information about this setting: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947226. Counter Measure: Enable Audit policy settings that support the organizational security policy for all the computers in your organization. Identify the components that you need for an audit policy that enables your organization to hold users accountable for their actions while using organizational resources and enables IT departments to detect unauthorized activity efficiently and then track those events in log files. Potential Impact: If no audit settings are configured, or if audit settings are too lax on the computers in your organization, security incidents might not be detected or not enough evidence will be available for network forensic analysis after security incidents occur. However, if audit settings are too severe, critically important entries in the Security log may be obscured by all of the meaningless entries and computer performance and the available amount of data storage may be seriously affected. Companies that operate in certain regulated industries may have legal obligations to log certain events or activities.


Technical Mechanism: (1) GPO: Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Advanced Audit Policy Configuration\Audit Policies\Object Access\Audit Policy: Object Access: Certification Services


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