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Danny Grander reported that the unzip and untar tasks in ant, a Java based build tool like make, allow the extraction of files outside a target directory. An attacker can take advantage of this flaw by submitting a specially crafted Zip or Tar archive to an ant build to overwrite any file writable by the user running ant.

Multiple vulnerabilities were discovered in Jetty, a Java servlet engine and webserver which could result in HTTP request smuggling.

Fariskhi Vidyan and Thomas Jarosch discovered several vulnerabilities in php-horde-image, the image processing library for the Horde groupware suite. They would allow an attacker to cause a denial-of-service or execute arbitrary code.

Fabian Henneke discovered a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the password change form of GOsa, a web-based LDAP administration program.

It was discovered that Archive::Zip, a perl module for manipulation of ZIP archives, is prone to a directory traversal vulnerability. An attacker able to provide a specially crafted archive for processing can take advantage of this flaw to overwrite arbitrary files during archive extraction.

Several vulnerabilities were found in PHP, a widely-used open source general purpose scripting language: CVE-2017-11144 Denial of service in openssl extension due to incorrect return value check of OpenSSL sealing function CVE-2017-11145 Out-of-bounds read in wddx_deserialize CVE-2017-11628 Buffer overflow in PHP INI parsing API CVE-2017-12932 / CVE-2017-12934 Use-after-frees during unserialisatio ...

Several vulnerabilities were found in PHP, a widely-used open source general purpose scripting language: CVE-2018-7584 Buffer underread in parsing HTTP responses CVE-2018-10545 Dumpable FPM child processes allowed the bypass of opcache access controls CVE-2018-10546 Denial of service via infinite loop in convert.iconv stream filter CVE-2018-10547 The fix for CVE-2018-5712 was incomplete CVE-2018- ...

Joran Herve discovered that the Okular document viewer was susceptible to directory traversal via malformed .okular files , which could result in the creation of arbitrary files.

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the interpreter for the Ruby language, which may result in incorrect processing of HTTP/FTP, directory traversal, command injection, unintended socket creation or information disclosure. This update also fixes several issues in RubyGems which could allow an attacker to use specially crafted gem files to mount cross-site scripting attacks, cause denia ...

Meh Chang discovered a buffer overflow flaw in a utility function used in the SMTP listener of Exim, a mail transport agent. A remote attacker can take advantage of this flaw to cause a denial of service, or potentially the execution of arbitrary code via a specially crafted message.

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