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Stack-based out-of-bounds read via vmcall instructionLinux kernel compiled with the KVM virtualization support is vulnerable to an out-of-bounds read access issue. It could occur when emulating vmcall instructions invoked by a guest. A guest user/process could use this flaw to disclose kernel memory bytes.drivers/block/loop.c mishandles lo_release serialization allowing denial-of-serviceA flaw wa ...

An updated kernel release for Amazon Linux has been made available which prevents speculative execution of indirect branches within the kernel. This release incorporates latest stable open source Linux security improvements to address CVE-2017-5715 within the kernel and builds upon previously incorporated Kernel Page Table Isolation that addressed CVE-2017-5754 . Customers must upgrade to the lat ...

An industry-wide issue was found in the way many modern microprocessor designs have implemented speculative execution of instructions . There are three primary variants of the issue which differ in the way the speculative execution can be exploited. Variant CVE-2017-5715 triggers the speculative execution by utilizing branch target injection. It relies on the presence of a precisely-defined instru ...

HTTP authentication leak in redirectslibcurl might accidentally leak authentication data to third parties. When asked to send custom headers in its HTTP requests, libcurl will send that set of headers first to the host in the initial URL but also, if asked to follow redirects and a 30X HTTP response code is returned, to the host mentioned in URL in the `Location:` response header value. Sending th ...

SingleEntryRegistry incorrect setup of deserialization filter It was discovered that the JMX component of OpenJDK failed to properly set the deserialization filter for the SingleEntryRegistry in certain cases. A remote attacker could possibly use this flaw to bypass intended deserialization restrictions. Loading of classes from untrusted locations It was discovered that the I18n component of OpenJ ...

libreoffice: Office productivity suite LibreOffice would allow unintended access to files over the network.

qemu: Machine emulator and virtualizer Several security issues were fixed in QEMU.

qemu: Machine emulator and virtualizer Several security issues were fixed in QEMU.

qemu: Machine emulator and virtualizer Several security issues were fixed in QEMU.

advancecomp: collection of recompression utilities AdvanceCOMP could be made to crash or run programs if it opened a specially crafted file.

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