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It was reported that python-bleach, a whitelist-based HTML-sanitizing library, is prone to a mutation XSS vulnerability in bleach.clean when strip=False and "math" or "svg" tags and one or more of the RCDATA tags were whitelisted.

The following vulnerability has been discovered in the libjavascriptcoregtk-4.0-18 web engine: CVE-2020-10018 Sudhakar Verma, Ashfaq Ansari and Siddhant Badhe discovered that processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution.

This update fixes several vulnerabilities in Graphicsmagick: Various memory handling problems and cases of missing or incomplete input sanitising may result in denial of service, memory disclosure or the execution of arbitrary code if malformed media files are processed.

Multiple security issues have been found in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which could potentially result in the execution of arbitrary code.

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the chromium web browser. CVE-2019-19880 Richard Lorenz discovered an issue in the sqlite library. CVE-2019-19923 Richard Lorenz discovered an out-of-bounds read issue in the sqlite library. CVE-2019-19925 Richard Lorenz discovered an issue in the sqlite library. CVE-2019-19926 Richard Lorenz discovered an implementation error in the sqlite library. ...

In Sudo before 1.8.26, if pwfeedback is enabled in /etc/sudoers, users can trigger a stack-based buffer overflow in the privileged sudo process. The attacker needs to deliver a long string to the stdin of getln in tgetpass.c.

Vulnerability in the Java SE, Java SE Embedded product of Oracle Java SE . Supported versions that are affected are Java SE: 7u241, 8u231, 11.0.5 and 13.0.1; Java SE Embedded: 8u231. Difficult to exploit vulnerability allows unauthenticated attacker with network access via multiple protocols to compromise Java SE, Java SE Embedded. Successful attacks of this vulnerability can result in unauthorize ...

apache2: Apache HTTP server TLSv1.3 support has been enabled in Apache HTTP Server in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

dino-im: modern XMPP client Several security issues were fixed in dino-im.

icu: International Components for Unicode library ICU could be made to execute arbitrary code if it received a specially crafted string.

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