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Mozilla Firefox before 56.0, Firefox ESR before 52.4 or Thunderbird 52.4 :- A use-after-free vulnerability can occur in the Fetch API when the worker or the associated window are freed when still in use, resulting in a potentially exploitable crash.

Mozilla Firefox before 55.0 :- If a server sends two Strict-Transport-Security (STS) headers for a single connection, they will be rejected as invalid and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) will not be enabled for the connection.

Mozilla Firefox before 55.0 :- When an iframe has a sandbox attribute and its content is specified using srcdoc, that content does not inherit the containing page's Content Security Policy (CSP) as it should unless the sandbox attribute included allow-same-origin.

Mozilla Firefox before 55.0 :- If a long user name is used in a username/password combination in a site URL (such as http://UserName:Password@example.com), the resulting modal prompt will hang in a non-responsive state or crash, causing a denial of service.

Mozilla Firefox before 55.0 :- An error occurs in the elliptic curve point addition algorithm that uses mixed Jacobian-affine coordinates where it can yield a result POINT_AT_INFINITY when it should not. A man-in-the-middle attacker could use this to interfere with a connection, resulting in an attacked party computing an incorrect shared secret.

Mozilla Firefox before 55.0Firefox ESR before 52.3 or Thunderbird 52.3 :- Mozilla developers and community members Masayuki Nakano, Gary Kwong, Ronald Crane, Andrew McCreight, Tyson Smith, Bevis Tseng, Christian Holler, Bryce Van Dyk, Dragana Damjanovic, Kartikaya Gupta, Philipp, Tristan Bourvon, and Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox and Firefox ESR. Some of the ...

Mozilla Firefox before 55.0 :- Mozilla developers and community members Gary Kwong, Christian Holler, Andre Bargull, Bob Clary, Carsten Book, Emilio Cobos Alvarez, Masayuki Nakano, Sebastian Hengst, Franziskus Kiefer, Tyson Smith, and Ronald Crane reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption and we presume that with enough effort that some ...

Mozilla Firefox before 54.0, Firefox ESR before 52.2 or Thunderbird before 52.2 :- A number of security vulnerabilities in the Graphite 2 library including out-of-bounds reads, buffer overflow reads and writes, and the use of uninitialized memory. These issues were addressed in Graphite 2 version 1.3.10

Mozilla Firefox before 54.0, Firefox ESR before 52.2 or Thunderbird before 52.2 :- Characters from the "Canadian Syllabics" unicode block can be mixed with characters from other unicode blocks in the addressbar instead of being rendered as their raw "punycode" form, allowing for domain name spoofing attacks through character confusion. The current Unicode standard allows characters from "Aspiratio ...

Mozilla Firefox before 54.0 :- When entered directly, Reader Mode did not strip the username and password section of URLs displayed in the addressbar. This can be used for spoofing the domain of the current page.

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