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Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : WebExtensions can use request redirection and a filterReponseData filter to bypass host permission settings to redirect network traffic and access content from a host for which they do not have explicit user permission.

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : The web console and JavaScript debugger do not sanitize all output that can be hyperlinked. Both will display chrome: links as active, clickable hyperlinks in their output. Web sites should not be able to directly link to internal chrome pages. Additionally, the JavaScript debugger will display javascript: links, which users could be tricked into clicking by malicious ...

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : If manipulated hyperlinked text with chrome: URL contained in it is dragged and dropped on the "home" icon, the home page can be reset to include a normally-unlinkable chrome page as one of the home page tabs.

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : The Live Bookmarks page and the PDF viewer can run injected script content if a user pastes script from the clipboard into them while viewing RSS feeds or PDF files. This could allow a malicious site to socially engineer a user to copy and paste malicious script content that could then run with the context of either page but does not allow for privilege escalation.

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : The filename appearing in the Downloads panel improperly renders some Unicode characters, allowing for the file name to be spoofed. This can be used to obscure the file extension of potentially executable files from user view in the panel.

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : A mechanism to bypass Content Security Policy (CSP) protections on sites that have a script-src policy of 'strict-dynamic'. If a target website contains an HTML injection flaw an attacker could inject a reference to a copy of the require.js library that is part of Firefox's Developer Tools, and then use a known technique using that library to bypass the CSP restrictio ...

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : The JSON Viewer displays clickable hyperlinks for strings that are parseable as URLs, including javascript: links. If a JSON file contains malicious JavaScript script embedded as javascript: links, users may be tricked into clicking and running this code in the context of the JSON Viewer. This can allow for the theft of cookies and authorization tokens which are acces ...

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : A vulnerability exists in XSLT during number formatting where a negative buffer size may be allocated in some instances, leading to a buffer overflow and crash if it occurs.

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : A use-after-free vulnerability can occur during WebGL operations. While this results in a potentially exploitable crash, the vulnerability is limited because the memory is freed and reused in a brief window of time during the freeing of the same callstack.

Mozilla Firefox before 60.0 : If a URL using the file: protocol is dragged and dropped onto an open tab that is running in a different child process the tab will open a local file corresponding to the dropped URL, contrary to policy. One way to make the target tab open more reliably in a separate process is to open it with the noopener keyword.

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