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Julien Cristau discovered that hybserv, a daemon running IRC services for IRCD-Hybrid, is prone to a denial of service attack via the commands option.

Michael Sinatra discovered that the DNS resolver component in BIND does not properly check DNS records contained in additional sections of DNS responses, leading to a cache poisoning vulnerability. This vulnerability is only present in resolvers which have been configured with DNSSEC trust anchors, which is still rare. Note that this update contains an internal ABI change, which means that all BIN ...

Multiple vulnerabilities have been identified in git-core, the core of the git distributed revision control system. Improper path length limitations in git's diff and grep functions, in combination with maliciously crafted repositories or changes, could enable a stack buffer overflow and potentially the execution of arbitrary code. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies this v ...

In MySQL 4.0.0 through 5.0.83, multiple format string vulnerabilities in the dispatch_command() function in libmysqld/sql_parse.cc in mysqld allow remote authenticated users to cause a denial of service (daemon crash) and potentially the execution of arbitrary code via format string specifiers in a database name in a COM_CREATE_DB or COM_DROP_DB request.

Maksymilian Arciemowicz of securityreason.com reported that ProFTPD is vulnerable to cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks and executes arbitrary FTP commands via a long ftp:// URI that leverages an existing session from the FTP client implementation in a web browser.

Stefan Cornelius discovered a vulnerability in the Radiance High Dynamic Range (HDR) image parser in Blender, a 3D modelling application. The weakness could enable a stack-based buffer overflow and the execution of arbitrary code if a maliciously-crafted HDR file is opened, or if a directory containing such a file is browsed via Blender's image-open dialog.

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in wordpress, weblog manager. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems: It was discovered that wordpress is prone to an open redirect vulnerability which allows remote attackers to conduct phishing atacks. It was discovered that remote attackers had the ability to trigger an application upgrade, which could lead ...

k1tk4t discovered that wzdftpd, a portable, modular, small and efficient ftp server, did not correctly handle the receipt of long usernames. This could allow remote users to cause the daemon to exit.

Two vulnerabilities have been found in uw-imap, an IMAP implementation. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems: It was discovered that several buffer overflows can be triggered via a long folder extension argument to the tmail or dmail program. This could lead to arbitrary code execution (CVE-2008-5005). It was discovered that a NULL pointer dereference ...

Derek Chan discovered that the PAM module for the Heimdal Kerberos implementation allows reinitialisation of user credentials when run from a setuid context, resulting in potential local denial of service by overwriting the credential cache file or to local privilege escalation.

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