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It was discovered that libsoup2.4, a HTTP library implementation in C, is not properly validating input when processing requests made to SoupServer. A remote attacker can exploit this flaw to access system files via a directory traversal attack.

Issues were found in the handling of XML encryption in simpleSAMLphp, an application for federated authentication. The following two issues have been addressed: It may be possible to use an SP as an oracle to decrypt encrypted messages sent to that SP. It may be possible to use the SP as a key oracle which can be used to forge messages from that SP by issuing 300000-2000000 queries to the SP. The ...

It was discovered that ChaSen, a Japanese morphological analysis system, contains a buffer overflow, potentially leading to arbitrary code execution in programs using the library.

Tim Starling discovered that the Debian-native CGI wrapper for man2html, a program to convert UNIX man pages to HTML, is not properly escaping user-supplied input when displaying various error messages. A remote attacker can exploit this flaw to conduct cross-site scripting attacks.

It was discovered that Puppet, a centralized configuration management solution, misgenerated certificates if the "certdnsnames" option was used. This could lead to man in the middle attacks

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in ProFTPD, an FTP server: ProFTPD incorrectly uses data from an unencrypted input buffer after encryption has been enabled with STARTTLS, an issue similar to CVE-2011-0411. CVE-2011-4130 ProFTPD uses a response pool after freeing it under exceptional conditions, possibly leading to remote code execution

Stefan Esser discovered that the implementation of the max_input_vars configuration variable in a recent PHP security update was flawed such that it allows remote attackers to crash PHP or potentially execute code.

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in Icedove, an unbranded version of the Thunderbird mail/news client. CVE-2012-0455 Soroush Dalili discovered that a cross-site scripting countermeasure related to Javascript URLs could be bypassed. CVE-2012-0456 Atte Kettunen discovered an out of bounds read in the SVG Filters, resulting in memory disclosure. CVE-2012-0458 Mariusz Mlynski discovered th ...

Alexander Gavrun discovered an integer overflow in the TIFF library in the parsing of the TileSize entry, which could result in the execution of arbitrary code if a malformed image is opened.

Helmut Hummel of the typo3 security team discovered that typo3, a web content management system, is not properly sanitizing output of the exception handler. This allows an attacker to conduct cross-site scripting attacks if either third-party extensions are installed that do not sanitize this output on their own or in the presence of extensions using the extbase MVC framework which accept objects ...

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