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It was discovered that insufficient input sanitising in libevt, a library to access the Windows Event Log format, could result in denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code if a malformed EVT file is processed.

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in wordpress, a web blogging tool, which could allow remote attackers to compromise a site via cross-site scripting, bypass restrictions or unsafe redirects. More information can be found in the upstream advisory at https://wordpress.org/news/2018/04/wordpress-4-9-5-security-and-maintenance-release/

steelo discovered a remote code execution vulnerability in Samba, a SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. A malicious client with access to a writable share, can take advantage of this flaw by uploading a shared library and then cause the server to load and execute it.

Two vulnerabilities were discovered in strongSwan, an IKE/IPsec suite. CVE-2018-5388 The stroke plugin did not verify the message length when reading from its control socket. This vulnerability could lead to denial of service. On Debian write access to the socket requires root permission on default configuration. CVE-2018-10811 A missing variable initialization in IKEv2 key derivation could lead t ...

Several issues were discovered in Mercurial, a distributed revision control system. CVE-2017-9462 Jonathan Claudius of Mozilla discovered that repositories served over stdio could be tricked into granting authorized users access to the Python debugger. CVE-2017-1000115 Mercurial"s symlink auditing was incomplete, and could be abused to write files outside the repository. CVE-2017-1000116 Joern Sc ...

Multiple researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Intel processors, enabling an attacker controlling an unprivileged process to read memory from arbitrary addresses, including from the kernel and all other processes running on the system. This specific attack has been named Meltdown and is addressed in the Linux kernel for the Intel x86-64 architecture by a patch set named Kernel Page Table ...

Matthias Gerstner discovered that PackageKit, a DBus abstraction layer for simple software management tasks, contains an authentication bypass flaw allowing users without privileges to install local packages.

Several vulnerabilities were found in PHP, a widely-used open source general purpose scripting language: CVE-2018-7584 Buffer underread in parsing HTTP responses CVE-2018-10545 Dumpable FPM child processes allowed the bypass of opcache access controls CVE-2018-10546 Denial of service via infinite loop in convert.iconv stream filter CVE-2018-10547 The fix for CVE-2018-5712 was incomplete CVE-2018- ...

It was discovered that XStream, a Java library to serialise objects to XML and back again, was suspectible to denial of service during unmarshalling.

Calum Hutton and the Mailman team discovered a cross site scripting and information leak vulnerability in the user options page. A remote attacker could use a crafted URL to steal cookie information or to fish for whether a user is subscribed to a list with a private roster.

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