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Jacob Baines discovered a flaw in the handling of the DSI Opensession command in Netatalk, an implementation of the AppleTalk Protocol Suite, allowing an unauthenticated user to execute arbitrary code with root privileges.

Luis Merino, Markus Vervier and Eric Sesterhenn discovered that missing input sanitising in the Hylafax fax software could potentially result in the execution of arbitrary code via a malformed fax message.

The Shopify Application Security Team discovered that ruby-sanitize, a whitelist-based HTML sanitizer, is prone to a HTML injection vulnerability. A specially crafted HTML fragment can cause to allow non- whitelisted attributes to be used on a whitelisted HTML element.

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in openafs, an implementation of the distributed filesystem AFS. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems: CVE-2018-16947 Jeffrey Altman reported that the backup tape controller process does accept incoming RPCs but does not require authentication of those RPCs, allowing an unauthenticated attacker to perform volum ...

Two vulnerabilities were discovered in cURL, an URL transfer library. CVE-2018-16839 Harry Sintonen discovered that, on systems with a 32 bit size_t, an integer overflow would be triggered when a SASL user name longer than 2GB is used. This would in turn cause a very small buffer to be allocated instead of the intended very huge one, which would trigger a heap buffer overflow when the buffer is us ...

Multiple vulnerabilities were discovered in cURL, an URL transfer library. CVE-2018-1000120 Duy Phan Thanh discovered that curl could be fooled into writing a zero byte out of bounds when curl is told to work on an FTP URL with the setting to only issue a single CWD command, if the directory part of the URL contains a "%00" sequence. CVE-2018-1000121 Dario Weisser discovered that curl mi ...

Multiple security issues were found in libarchive, a multi-format archive and compression library: Processing malformed RAR archives could result in denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code and malformed WARC, LHarc, ISO, Xar or CAB archives could result in denial of service.

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer, which could result in denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code.

Multiple security issues were found in PHP, a widely-used open source general purpose scripting language: The EXIF module was susceptible to denial of service/information disclosure when parsing malformed images, the Apache module allowed cross-site-scripting via the body of a "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" request and the IMAP extension performed insufficient input validation which can re ...

It was discovered that PHPMailer, a library to send email from PHP applications, is prone to a PHP object injection vulnerability, potentially allowing a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code.

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