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Isaac Boukris discovered that cURL, an URL transfer library, reused NTLM-authenticated proxy connections without properly making sure that the connection was authenticated with the same credentials as set for the new transfer. This could lead to HTTP requests being sent over the connection authenticated as a different user.

The upgrade to Samba 4.2 issued as DSA-3548-1 introduced a packaging regression causing an additional dependency on the samba binary package for the samba-libs, samba-common-bin, python-samba and samba-vfs-modules binary packages. Updated packages are now available to address this problem.

Two vulnerabilities were discovered in Symfony, a PHP framework. CVE-2016-1902 Lander Brandt discovered that the class SecureRandom might generate weak random numbers for cryptographic use under certain settings. If the functions random_bytes or openssl_random_pseudo_bytes are not available, the output of SecureRandom should not be consider secure. CVE-2016-4423 Marek Alaksa from Citadelo discover ...

Brandon Perry discovered that xerces-c, a validating XML parser library for C++, fails to successfully parse a DTD that is deeply nested, causing a stack overflow. A remote unauthenticated attacker can take advantage of this flaw to cause a denial of service against applications using the xerces-c library. Additionally this update includes an enhancement to enable applications to fully disable DTD ...

Several vulnerabilities were found in PHP, a general-purpose scripting language commonly used for web application development. The vulnerabilities are addressed by upgrading PHP to the new upstream version 5.6.24, which includes additional bug fixes. Please refer to the upstream changelog for more information: https://php.net/ChangeLog-5.php#5.6.24

It was discovered that redis, a persistent key-value database, did not properly protect redis-cli history files: they were created by default with world-readable permissions. Users and systems administrators may want to proactively change permissions on existing ~/rediscli_history files, instead of waiting for the updated redis-cli to do so the next time it is run.

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the chromium web browser. CVE-2016-5177 A use-after-free issue was discovered in the v8 javascript library. CVE-2016-5178 The chrome development team found and fixed various issues during internal auditing.

Two vulnerabilities were reported in NSPR, a library to abstract over operating system interfaces developed by the Mozilla project. CVE-2016-1951 q1 reported that the NSPR implementation of sprintf-style string formatting function miscomputed memory allocation sizes, potentially leading to heap-based buffer overflows The second issue concerns environment variable processing in NSPR. The library di ...

Multiple security issues have been found in Icedove, Debian"s version of the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client: Multiple vulnerabilities may lead to the execution of arbitrary code, data leakage or bypass of the content security policy.

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in the JasPer library for processing JPEG-2000 images, which may result in denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code if a malformed image is processed.

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