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The Shopify Application Security Team discovered that ruby-sanitize, a whitelist-based HTML sanitizer, is prone to a HTML injection vulnerability. A specially crafted HTML fragment can cause to allow non- whitelisted attributes to be used on a whitelisted HTML element.

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in openafs, an implementation of the distributed filesystem AFS. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems: CVE-2018-16947 Jeffrey Altman reported that the backup tape controller process does accept incoming RPCs but does not require authentication of those RPCs, allowing an unauthenticated attacker to perform volum ...

Two vulnerabilities were discovered in cURL, an URL transfer library. CVE-2018-16839 Harry Sintonen discovered that, on systems with a 32 bit size_t, an integer overflow would be triggered when a SASL user name longer than 2GB is used. This would in turn cause a very small buffer to be allocated instead of the intended very huge one, which would trigger a heap buffer overflow when the buffer is us ...

Multiple security issues were found in libarchive, a multi-format archive and compression library: Processing malformed RAR archives could result in denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code and malformed WARC, LHarc, ISO, Xar or CAB archives could result in denial of service.

It was discovered that PHPMailer, a library to send email from PHP applications, is prone to a PHP object injection vulnerability, potentially allowing a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code.

Raphael Arrouas and Jean Lejeune discovered an access control bypass vulnerability in mod_jk, the Apache connector for the Tomcat Java servlet engine. The vulnerability is addressed by upgrading mod_jk to the new upstream version 1.2.46, which includes additional changes. https://tomcat.apache.org/connectors-doc/miscellaneous/changelog.html#Changes_between_1.2.42_and_1.2.43 https://tomcat.apache.o ...

The update for ghostscript issued as DSA-4346-1 caused a regression when used with certain options . Updated packages are now available to correct this issue.

Sze Yiu Chau and his team from Purdue University and The University of Iowa found several issues in the gmp plugin for strongSwan, an IKE/IPsec suite. Problems in the parsing and verification of RSA signatures could lead to a Bleichenbacher-style low-exponent signature forgery in certificates and during IKE authentication. While the gmp plugin doesn"t allow arbitrary data after the ASN.1 structure ...

Google"s OSS-Fuzz revealed an exploitable bug in the gmp plugin caused by the patch that fixes CVE-2018-16151 and CVE-2018-16151 . An attacker could trigger it using crafted certificates with RSA keys with very small moduli. Verifying signatures with such keys would cause an integer underflow and subsequent heap buffer overflow resulting in a crash of the daemon. While arbitrary code execution is ...

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the chromium web browser. CVE-2018-4117 AhsanEjaz discovered an information leak. CVE-2018-6044 Rob Wu discovered a way to escalate privileges using extensions. CVE-2018-6150 Rob Wu discovered an information disclosure issue . CVE-2018-6151 Rob Wu discovered an issue in the developer tools . CVE-2018-6152 Rob Wu discovered an issue in the developer t ...

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