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An HTML to PostScript converter written in Perl. * Many possibilities to control the appearance. * Support for processing multiple documents. * A table of contents can be generated. * Configurable page headers/footers. * Automatic hyphenation and text justification can be selected.

The GMime suite provides a core library and set of utilities which may be used for the creation and parsing of messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension .

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability.

GnuPG is GNU"s tool for secure communication and data storage. It can be used to encrypt data and to create digital signatures. It includes an advanced key management facility and is compliant with the proposed OpenPGP Internet standard as described in RFC2440 and the S/MIME standard as described by several RFCs. GnuPG 2.0 is a newer version of GnuPG with additional support for S/MIME. It has a di ...

A third-party plugin for the Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger. It implements the extended version of SIP/SIMPLE used by various products: * Microsoft Office Communications Server * Microsoft Live Communications Server * Reuters Messaging With this plugin you should be able to replace your Microsoft Office Communicator client with Pidgin. This package provides the icon set for Pidgin.

GLPI is the Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration- Interface. You can use it to build up a database with an inventory for your company . It has enhanced functions to make the daily life for the administrators easier, like a job-tracking-system with mail-notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network-topology.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a standalone mail and newsgroup client.

Mozilla Sunbird is a cross-platform calendar application, built upon Mozilla Toolkit. It brings Mozilla-style ease-of-use to your calendar, without tying you to a particular storage solution.

Ncpfs is a filesystem which understands the Novell NetWare NCP protocol. Functionally, NCP is used for NetWare the way NFS is used in the TCP/IP world. For a Linux system to mount a NetWare filesystem, it needs a special mount program. The ncpfs package contains such a mount program plus other tools for configuring and using the ncpfs filesystem. Install the ncpfs package if you need to use the nc ...

Ikiwiki is a wiki compiler. It converts wiki pages into HTML pages suitable for publishing on a website. Ikiwiki stores pages and history in a revision control system such as Subversion or Git. There are many other features, including support for blogging, as well as a large array of plugins.

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