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A photo album tool. Focuses on three key points: * It must be easy to describe a number of images at a time. * It must be easy to search for images. * It must be easy to browse and View the images.

A QtQuick plugin to render beautiful and interactive charts.

Educational Programming Environment.

digiKam is an easy to use and powerful digital photo management application, which makes importing, organizing and manipulating digital photos a "snap". An easy to use interface is provided to connect to your digital camera, preview the images and download and/or delete them. digiKam built-in image editor makes the common photo correction a simple task. The image editor is extensible via ...

KDE PIM applications, including: * akregator: feed aggregator * blogilo: blogging application, focused on simplicity and usability * kmail: email client * knode: newsreader * knotes: sticky notes for the desktop * kontact: integrated PIM management * korganizer: journal, appointments, events, todos

Nepomuk Core utilities and libraries.

An easy-to-use paint program.

Provides accessibility services like focus tracking and a screen reader.

KCharSelect is a tool to select special characters from all installed fonts and copy them into the clipboard.

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