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Kdeutils metapackage, to ease migration to split applications

Libkexiv2 is a wrapper around Exiv2 library to manipulate pictures metadata as EXIF/IPTC and XMP.

A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files.

The kdeadmin metapackage includes administrative tools including: * kcron: systemsettings module for the cron task scheduler * ksystemlog: system log viewer * kuser: user manager

Pairs is a collection of games aimed to help the development of preschool children. With these games the child can improve memory, logic, hearing and even reading skills. Each game can have different themes so the child is stimulated with different and new challenges.

A library for extracting file metadata.

Additional plasmoids for KDE.

KTux is a screensaver of outer space, with Tux in a spaceship flying by.

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