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linux-raspi2: Linux kernel for Raspberry Pi 2 The system could be made to crash or run programs as an administrator.

linux-lts-trusty: Linux hardware enablement kernel from Trusty Several security issues were fixed in the kernel.

linux-lts-xenial: Linux hardware enablement kernel from Xenial for Trusty Several security issues were fixed in the Linux kernel.

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Linux kernel that may lead to a denial of service, sensitive memory leak or privilege escalation. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project identifies the following problems: Joseph Malicki reported that the dbg_lvl sysfs attribute for the megaraid_sas device driver had world-writable permissions, permitting local users to modify logging s ...

Gerd v. Egidy discovered that the Pluto IKE daemon in strongswan, an IPSec implementation for linux, is prone to a denial of service attack via a malicious packet.

Emmanuel Bouillon discovered a double free in tgt, the Linux SCSI target user-space tools, which could lead to denial of service. The oldstable distribution doesn"t include tgt.

Joel Becker discovered that OCFS2 did not correctly validate on-disk symlink structures. If an attacker were able to trick a user or automated system into mounting a specially crafted filesystem, it could crash the system or exposde kernel memory, leading to a loss of privacy. Al Viro discovered a race condition in the TTY driver. A local attacker could exploit this to crash the system, leading t ...

Ben Hawkes discovered that the Linux kernel did not correctly validate memory ranges on 64bit kernels when allocating memory on behalf of 32bit system calls. On a 64bit system, a local attacker could perform malicious multicast getsockopt calls to gain root privileges. Ben Hawkes discovered that the Linux kernel did not correctly filter registers on 64bit kernels when performing 32bit system call ...

tgt: Linux SCSI target user-space tools An attacker could send crafted input to tgt and cause it to crash or run arbitrary programs.

linux: Linux kernel The system"s firewall could be bypassed by a remote attacker.

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