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linux: Linux kernel Several security issues were fixed in the kernel.

oxide-qt: Web browser engine library for Qt Several security issues were fixed in Oxide.

fuse: Filesystem in Userspace FUSE could be made to overwrite files as the administrator.

python-dbusmock: mock D-Bus objects for tests python-dbusmock could be tricked into running arbitrary programs.

linux: Linux kernel The system could be made to crash under certain conditions.

postgresql-9.4: Object-relational SQL database - postgresql-9.3: Object-relational SQL database - postgresql-9.1: Object-relational SQL database Several security issues were fixed in PostgreSQL.

openldap: OpenLDAP utilities OpenLDAP could be made to crash if it received specially crafted network traffic.

apport: automatically generate crash reports for debugging Apport could be tricked into creating arbitrary files as an administrator, resulting in privilege escalation.

openssl: Secure Socket Layer cryptographic library and tools The export cipher suites have been disabled in OpenSSL.

t1utils: Collection of simple Type 1 font manipulation programs t1utils could be made to crash or run programs as your login if it opened a specially crafted file.

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