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A memory allocation bug in gtkmm would make applications using the library crash on the x86_64 architecture. This update corrects the problem.

dhclient-script, in dhcp-client package as released with Mandriva Linux 2009, would put the network interface down on some circumstances, as part of it"s workings. Coupled with a bug in the kernel wireless stack, when done on wireless interfaces this could cause the wireless association to be lost and never automatically remade. This update fixes dhcp-client to use a better way instead of putting ...

This makes the configuration tools use the proper driver for two Matrox cards

The outdated aspell-no package was deprecated due to change of the "no" language code to "nb" resulting in breakage with tools attempting to use the "nb" dictionary.

Acroread would not react to keyboard input. This update also fixes non working Flash browser plugin using this wrapper in 64bits architecture.

MDVA-2009:252 introduced a regression with the newer version of the webkit package, which made the Mandriva Control Center crash. This update reverts the webkit package to the previous version. Also this update reintroduces the issue fixed by MDVA-2009-252.

This update fixes several minor issues with rpmdrake: - it stops running with debuging perl pragmas, which should speed up some things - it makes edit-urpm-sources not drop the "ignore" flag when updating a medium - it makes edit-urpm-sources display the right type of altered mirrorlist media - it makes rpmdrake list plasma applets in GUI package list too It also enhances searching in rpmdrake ...

This update addresses minor issues with eclipse. eclipse can not be installed after firefox3 installation Update: Packages for 2008.0 are being provided due to extended support for Corporate products.

This update upgrades ALSA packages to version 1.0.18, with minor bug fixes and enhancements.

A build issue with the BIND9 packages in Mandriva Linux 2009.0 prevents IPv6 from working correctly. This is due to POSIX not including the IPv6 Advanced Socket API, so glibc hides parts of this API as a result. The end result is a breakage in how IPv6 works. Compiling BIND9 with -D_GNU_SOURCE fixes this issue, and the updated packages use this additional flag.

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