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A stack-based buffer overflow was found in the zsh command interpreter. An attacker could use this flaw to cause a denial of service , when providing a specially-crafted string as input to the zsh shell . The updated packages have been patched to prevent this.

In some cases, CUPS in Mandriva Linux 2009 would start but be unavailable, due to the possibility that "portreserve" service was started at the wrong time, thus being unable to do its job. This update fixes that, by making sure portreserve start at the right time during system initialization.

The version of sudo shipped with 2009.1 has an incorrect path to /etc/ldap.conf compiled in. This means that users who have their sudo config supplied by their ldap server will find their rules no longer apply. This updated package uses the correct /etc/ldap.conf file

This update fixes one issues with MandrivaUpdate: in previous update, a fix wrongly break the displaying of update descriptions & reasons.

In kde 4.3 of mandriva 2010.0 the possibility to lock/unlock widgets from the panel wasn"t activated, this rpms handles this issue.

Due to a change in glibc on x86_64, pam_tcb incorrectly handles negative values in /etc/shadow. When password expiration warning delay is set to -1, a warning would be displayed to the users saying that their password will expire in 99999 days. This update resolves this bug.

This bugfix release makes it possible to pass additional options to the freshclam utility and the clamd server by utilizing the /etc/sysconfig/freshclam and /etc/sysconfig/clamd files while starting the services. The clamav packages has also been upgraded to the latest version 0.95.2 that also has a number of upstream fixes.

This bugfix update for draxk-net fixes several minor issues with Mandriva Linux network tools: - e1000e network card was added to the list of cards requiring additional initialization time . - network adapters which do not have a complete /sysfs/ entry are properly detected - the NETWORKING=yes configuration is properly saved when configuring the network connection - support for broadcom-wl driv ...

There was a bug with the dansguardian build where the path to /var/lib/dansguardian was wrongly set to /var/dansguardian. The libclamav support has been disabled because of too frequent changes in the clamav API, the preferred way to use clamav is to use clamd. This update fixes these problems.

There is no man page for the su command. This update fixes this problem making the man page for the su command show again.

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