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When using the ati Xorg driver with two monitors attached the mouse cursor might be drawn incorrectly. This update fixes this issue.

When the user migrates from a kde3 desktop to a full kde4 desktop, kdm doesn"t start. This update fixes this issue.

Parental control application available in Mandriva Linux was not detecting the previously configured parental control level correctly. This update fixes this issue.

This update brings the new stable version of webkitgtk, and solves the problem with the SSE2 instruction set on AMD machines.

The tommath library will be needed for future clamav updates.

The previous fix for addressing Bug 43486 broke the php-wddx extension. This bugfix release uses backported upstream fixes for both php and libxml2 to address the following Mandriva bugs: - Bug 43486 - XML parsing ignores encoded elements in character data - Bug 48707 - Installation of php-wddx doesn"t seems to work

This update addresses a problem where rrdtool-1.3.x required a font installed like for example the DejaVuSansMono.ttf font. A dependancy was added on fonts-ttf-dejavu to address this problem.

This is a bug fix release, added some missing screenshots for 2010 and a fix for publication date in the pdf file.

Additional official patches have been released for db 4.6 after Mandriva release. They fix the following issues: - There was the possibility that the wrong number of mutexes would be allocated. This issue could cause applications with multiple cache regions to see undefined behavior in rare cases under load - Replication clients should be able to open a sequence

In mandriva 2009.1 the bluetooth alsa plugins were installed on the root lib dir. This prevent A2DP bluetooth devices from working because they search those libs on the standart lib directory.

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