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There was a bug in the ATI X1200 driver, making it show very frequent screen corruption. This update fixes the issue.

The network detection routine could not detect the network connection properly in some cases, resulting in premature termination with incorrect return code. This could result in failure on startup for services which depend on network to be up, such as apache2 server. This update fixes this issue.

It was not possible to load the lirc_atiusb and lirc_bt829 LIRC infrared drivers due to an Unknown symbol error. The updated packages fix this issue.

In kde4.3 this is not possible to execute a bash script when double clicking on it. This update fixes this issue.

This update fixes a reported buffer overflow found with ntlm authentication .

Poppler cairo backend was not handling PDF images prescaling correctly, causing some PDF files to be unreadable. This updates fixes this issues and includes other stability fixes.

A packaging mistake lead to that the gpg-agent was not started by default. The updated packages addresses this problem.

This update fixes an issue with rpm filetriggers : when several file triggers are ran in parallel and try to read from stdin, a pipe filedescriptor leak leads to a deadlock and rpm freezing.

The evtouch Xorg driver was not working because its ABI was too old. The new version contains the necessary ABI updates, so the driver can now work correctly.

In mandriva 2010.0 /etc/pam.d/kde was not tagged as a config file so was replaced by a new file on each update.This update fixes this issue.

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