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The new mdkonline packages adds the extended maintenance support to mdkonline. Packages for 2008.0 are provided for Corporate Desktop 2008.0 customers.

rpmstats in 2010.0 displays strange characters for some last modified file names, this is easy noticed on Drakstats. This updated package fixes this bug .

A bug was discovered in the FH_DATE_PAST_20XX rules that affects vanilla spamassassin 3.2 installations after the first of January 2010 . This update fixes this issue.

The last iaora update introduced a litlle regression in some IaOra color schemes, like Iaora-Gray, this new package is correcting this. Also in iaora, the application"s name in the titlebar wasn"t correctly centered.

It was discovered that the mysql server was built without partitioning support. This advisory adds partitioning support to the mysql server.

Allow to use ddf1 raid and to manage unpartitionned dmraid. It also offers to install onto dmraid or existing lvm without using manual partitionning.

The rootcerts package was added in Mandriva in 2005 and was meant to be updated when nessesary. The provided rootcerts packages has been upgraded using the latest certdata.txt file from the mozilla cvs repository, as of 2009/12/03. In Mandriva a number of additional CA root certificates has been added such as ICP-Brasil , cacert.org, IGC/A CA . The IGC/A CA one was recently added upstream in the m ...

Updated timezone packages for PHP are being provided for older Mandriva Linux systems that do not contain new Daylight Savings Time information and Time Zone information for some locations. These updated packages contain the new information. Packages for 2008.0 are provided due to the Extended Maintenance Program.

A incorrect initialisation in consolekit daemon could prevent automount of removable media under GNOME or KDE environment. This package update fixes this issue .

The Gnome Settings Daemon would crash when the multimedia volume keys were used when the mouse pointer is on the secondary screen. This updates gtk+ to a new version that also has fixes for crashes in empathy, eog and other applications.

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