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This update fixes a minor issue with mkinitrd: - mount options for non-NFS mounts are ignored by the nash mount program

The synchronization feature in Tomboy would sometimes delete the wrong note. This update fixes the synchronization logic.

This update updates Midnight Commander to latest version, which fixes occasional crashes when searching within editor/browser.

Due to a wrong guess of resource types in the X server, some applications would be terminated with a BadName protocol error when the server was configured to use xfs . This update fixes this issue.

This update introduces the kde4 artwork for the upcoming Mandriva 2009 Spring Flash version.

This update fixes two minor issues with keyutils. request-key was installed in /usr/sbin while the kernel expect it in /sbin directory. keyctl was installed in /usr/bin instead of /bin. This update also add lines to /etc/request-key.conf for cifs.upcall required for krb5 support for mount.cifs. This update fixes both issues.

This update fixes several bugs in the perl interpreter that can lead to crashes or to segfaults.

updated mdadm packages fix a bug causing raid arrays not being fully assembled at boot.

This update provides the kernel modules which were not distributed with the last kernel update.

This updated x11-server-xorg package provides the following fixes: The OpenOffice.org application menu would trigger a bug in the X server"s xkb cache code causing it to crash . Fake key events generated by the XTest extension would not change the state of the keyboard leds. This would cause the numlock led to be inverted when the enable_X11_numlock program was used . This update corrects both iss ...

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