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sisimedia Xorg driver wasn"t ported to the newer interfaces of version 1.6 of that X server, resulting in a failure to load the driver due to ABI mismatch. This update fixes this issue.

Kmail users using DIMAP can have occasional deletion of folder emails in server in situations of local/server name move. This fix solves this major bug.

This update provides mysql-5.0.81 with the latest bugfixes for mysql-5.0.x.

The xdpyinfo package was updated to allow handling more X11 extensions.

This update upgrades the shorewall package to the 4.0.15 version, which is the latest version in the shorewall-4.0 series.

This update fixes a minor issue with urpmi: - no error message and 0 exit code when using CD/DVD media and hal isn"t running

A configuration error in usermode was preventing some Mandriva graphical tools requiring superuser privileges to be started correctly if session was started from KDM. This updates fixes this issue.

The dos2unix command removes the last line of a file if no newline character follow. This package fixes the issue.

This update addresses the issue of urpmi preventing installation of both i586/x86_64 versions of libv4l wrappers . Updated packages are provided to fix this issue.

regexp.h header shipped with glibc 2.8, in Mandriva Linux 2009, had an error which caused the build of programs using the regexp compile function to fail. This update addresses the issue.

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