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A security vulnerability has been identified and fixed in libsamplerate: Lev Givon discovered a buffer overflow in libsamplerate that could lead to a segfault with specially crafted python code. This problem has been fixed with libsamplerate-0.1.7 but older versions are affected. This update provides a solution to this vulnerability. Update: Packages for 2008.0 are being provided due to extended s ...

KDE 3 multiple removal fix Some packages from KDE 4 updates remove partial KDE 3 installation. New update packages has been built with proper removed obsoletes.

In Mandriva 2010.0, because of a regression, the KTimetracker menu was missing many options, which made it unusable. Also in Mandriva 2010.0, when using Knotes inside Kontact the note title was left-cutted when using a long title. This update fixes these issues.

This update provides latest sqlite3 package, which is required by Firefox 3.0.11 and xulrunner update.

In mandriva 2010.0, a beta version of digikam was provided. This update provides the final version of 1.0.0.

Postfix as shipped with Mandriva Linux 2009.0 fails to install if rsyslog logging daemon is installed. This updated package adds support for correct Postfix integration with rsyslog.

New glibc release to fix some issues found in glibc 2.8 present in Mandriva 2009.0: ulimit(UL_SETFSIZE) does not return the integer part of the new file size limit divided by 512 and When including pthread.h and using pthread_cleanup_pop or pthread_cleanup_pop_restore_np macros, a compiler warning is issued or build error happens if -Werror is used.

Due to a packaging problem, the development version of the libxt package on 64 bit systems could lead to file conflicts during the installation because it was not providing the libxt6-devel package. This update fixes this issue.

On x86_64, rubygems assumes that the gem installation path is in /usr/lib64/ruby. This is problematic because all of the Mandriva ruby-* packages install their rb files under /usr/lib/ruby regardless of the machine architecture; rubygems consequently cannot find any of the installed gems. This update fixes this issue.

Some Qt softwares like Opera have some CPU issues with Qt4 version released on mandriva 2010.0 This update fixes this issues.

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