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Users who have migrated from gnote to tomboy and use online note syncing could lose their notes. This update fixes the note parsing to prevent data loss.

A programming error in the Python bindings for GObject would make programs like eliza and Moodvida take up all CPU resources for unnecessary operations while running. This update fixes the problem.

This packages update fixes several issues in initscripts: - ensure dm-mod is loading in speedboot mode - ensure loadkeys is called in the right order - ensure hid is loaded in first pass for speedboot - remove false check on alsa - avoid dmraid error message

This update brings a new stable version of webkitgtk, and solves the problem with processors without the SSE2 instruction set. It is easy to see if you are suffering from this bug, just try to open some webpage on epiphany Web broswser, it will crash with old webkit version.

It was discovered that the ASN.1 BER dissector in wireshark was susceptible to a stack overflow . For 2010.0 and 2010.1 wireshark was upgraded to v1.2.12 which is not vulnerable to this issue and was patched for CS4 and MES5 to resolve the vulnerability.

In mandriva 2010.0, k3b didn"t had menu icons on Gnome, LXDE, XFCE menus. This update fixes this issue.

When LDAP authentication is configured using the drakauth application, it could result in several bogus error messages related to "/var/lib/misc/group.db: file not found". This update fixes this issue.

This updates fixes issues with k3b when ripping CDs with external encoder such as FLAC.

This update provides: - Fix for bug #59541: Empty fields in media helpers not allowing the addition of enterprise/restricted medias - New feature: Offers powerpack media to Free/One users, and re-subscription to Flash/Powerpack users.

The heartbeat package in the 2010.0 release had wrong permissions and ownership for /usr/bin/cl_status this prevented it from working correctly. Also when peers were outdated heartbeat didn"t failover gracefully. This update fixes both these issues.

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