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Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- The printing process can bypass local access protections to read files available through symlinks, bypassing local file restrictions. The printing process requires files in a specific format so arbitrary data cannot be read but it is possible that some local file information could be exposed.

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- A Blob URL can violate origin attribute segregation, allowing it to be accessed from a private browsing tab and for data to be passed between the private browsing tab and a normal tab. This could allow for the leaking of private information specific to the private browsing context. This issue is mitigated by the requirement that the user enter the Blob URL manually i ...

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- An audio capture session can started under an incorrect origin from the site making the capture request. Users are still prompted to allow the request but the prompt can display the wrong origin, leading to user confusion about which site is making the request to capture an audio stream.

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- A potential integer overflow in the DoCrypt function of WebCrypto was identified. If a means was found of exploiting it, it could result in an out-of-bounds write.

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- When the text of a specially formatted URL is dragged to the addressbar from page content, the displayed URL can be spoofed to show a different site than the one loaded. This allows for phishing attacks where a malicious page can spoof the identify of another site.

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- Development Tools panels of an extension are required to load URLs for the panels as relative URLs from the extension manifest file but this requirement was not enforced in all instances. This could allow the development tools panel for the extension to load a URL that it should not be able to access, including potentially privileged pages.

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- The browser.identity.launchWebAuthFlow function of WebExtensions is only allowed to load content over https: but this requirement was not properly enforced. This can potentially allow privileged pages to be loaded by the extension.

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- If an existing cookie is changed to be HttpOnly while a document is open, the original value remains accessible through script until that document is closed. Network requests correctly use the changed HttpOnly cookie.

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- If an HTTP authentication prompt is triggered by a background network request from a page or extension, it is displayed over the currently loaded foreground page. Although the prompt contains the real domain making the request, this can result in user confusion about the originating site of the authentication request and may cause users to mistakenly send private cre ...

Mozilla Firefox before 58.0 :- WebExtensions with the ActiveTab permission are able to access frames hosted within the active tab even if the frames are cross-origin. Malicious extensions can inject frames from arbitrary origins into the loaded page and then interact with them, bypassing same-origin user expectations with this permission.

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