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It was dicovered that the kde4ff theme for firefox 3.5 did not work, to address this problem the kfirefox theme is provided as a drop in replacement. It was discovered that the beagle extension for firefox had the wrong release number which prevented it from being upgraded. This advisory addresses these problems.

A bug in the integration with CUPS causes programs that rely on xulrunner to crash when trying to print . Packages for 2009.0 are provided as of the Extended Maintenance Program

It was discovered the mozilla-thunderbird-beagle packages wasn"t built against the latest mozilla-thunderbird 3.0.8. The fixed packages addresses this problem.

This update has fixes for pccard 3G modem detection and accumulated fix for handling hdX/sdX devices Update: This update remove conflicts on drakfirsttime caused by the last update of drakxtools.

This updates digikam and all it"s dependencies, fixing some bugs, notably #56078, and introducing functionalities and boosting up stability.

This is maintenance and bugfix release bringing php-xdebug-2.1.0 that addreses some php-5.3.x specific issues. Update: Updated packages for Mandriva Linux 2010.1 is also provided.

The heartbeat package in the 2010.0 release had wrong permissions and ownership for /usr/bin/cl_status this prevented it from working correctly. Also when peers were outdated heartbeat didn"t failover gracefully. This update fixes both these issues. Update: Packages for 2009.0 and MES5 were missing with the MDVA-2010:160 advisory. This advisory provides the missing packages

x11-server contains a memory leak that is triggered when cursors are changed, which might lead to high memory consumption over a long period of time. This update fixes the problem.

The install of mailman failed because of a problem in the rpm scripts, additionally the logrotation script was fixed.

It was discovered the kipi-plugins packages were not rebuilt against the libkdcraw.so.8 and libkexiv2.so.8 libraries provided by kdegraphics4-4.3.5-0.7mdv2010.0. This advisory addresses this problem.

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