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Fix bad return code of urpmi.addmedia --distrib if it fails.

The youtube plugin in totem has stopped working. This was caused by changes on the youtube web site. This new version updates to those changes to make youtube playback in totem work again.

This advisory fixes the gpg keys parsing, which were resulting in some warnings .

A vulnerability has been found and corrected in lvm2: The cluster logical volume manager daemon in lvm2-cluster in LVM2 before 2.02.72, as used in Red Hat Global File System and other products, does not verify client credentials upon a socket connection, which allows local users to cause a denial of service or possibly have unspecified other impact via crafted control commands . The updated pac ...

The blogtk package in 2010.0 was crashing on start. This update fixes the problem by updating blogtk to the latest version. Additionally the python-gdata packages are being provided as well due to requirements.

* Some applications that use libXaw were printing error messages when started. Their appearance was also slightly different from the expected. This update stops the error messages and fixes their appearance. * The libXaw package had a poor description. This updates improves the package description and summary.

jpeg2yuv segfaulted when linked against libjpeg v7/8 . The provided packages has been patched to address this issue.

In some cases aria2 would crash with a segmentation fault when encountering file not found errors. This could particularly happen when installing updates with urpmi.

This update fixes unaligned access in libpci on some rare hardware which ended in all programs using libldetect to fail with draksound .

Add a loop around SIGCONT to resume all SIGSTOP"ed process to be able to process SIGTERM. It will not run SIGKILL if there"s no process left and avoid Sending all processes the KILL signal... [FAILED] message.

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