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This is maintenance and bugfix release bringing php-xdebug-2.1.0 that addreses some php-5.3.x specific issues. Update: Updated packages for Mandriva Linux 2010.1 is also provided.

The heartbeat package in the 2010.0 release had wrong permissions and ownership for /usr/bin/cl_status this prevented it from working correctly. Also when peers were outdated heartbeat didn"t failover gracefully. This update fixes both these issues. Update: Packages for 2009.0 and MES5 were missing with the MDVA-2010:160 advisory. This advisory provides the missing packages

x11-server contains a memory leak that is triggered when cursors are changed, which might lead to high memory consumption over a long period of time. This update fixes the problem.

The install of mailman failed because of a problem in the rpm scripts, additionally the logrotation script was fixed.

It was discovered the kipi-plugins packages were not rebuilt against the libkdcraw.so.8 and libkexiv2.so.8 libraries provided by kdegraphics4-4.3.5-0.7mdv2010.0. This advisory addresses this problem.

-In mandriva 2010.0 under KDE, the scrollbar was too small to be used in some cases, this update adds a minimum size to 21 for the scrollbar . -In mandriva 2010.0 under KDE, Quassel could crash when highlighting links. -This update fixes the titlebar colors to make it friendly with ia ora specs.

This update fixes rpmdrake to suggest packages from disabled backports media only when Backports view is used .

Sane wasn"t compiled with V4L support. This packages update fixes this issue. Additional packages is being provided to satisfy the added dependencies.

gtkspell would consume much memory when several instances were used. This affected pidgin. This update changes the way gtkspell loads the dictionaries to use less memory.

The new mdkonline packages adds the extended maintenance support to mdkonline. Packages for 2008.0 are provided for Corporate Desktop 2008.0 customers as well as for official 2008.0 updates. Update: A problem was discovered with unresolved dependancies. This advisory provides the missing packages.

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