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Plymouth verbose mode at shutdown was not displaying logs properly. This update fixes this issue.

A change on the youtube web page has stopped the youtube plugin from working. This update adapts totem to these changes.

In Mandriva Linux 2010.0 some widgets, such as the Opendesktop ones, resulted in plasma crashes. This update fixes this issue.

This is a maintenance and bugfix release of firefox that upgrades firefox to the 3.6.12 version and adds missing localization packages for the Georgian, Kurdish, Occitan and Serbian languages. Packages for 2009.0 are provided as of the Extended Maintenance Program

Due to a bug in PCManFM, when using the detailed-list view users could only enter a folder once, double clicking any other folder wouldn"t work. This update fixes this issue by patching exo, which is bundled with PCManFM, to make treeview work with GTK > 2.18

Normal users lacks permission to change their own personal information on kolab web interface, this update fixes this issue.

This is a maintenance and bugfix release of apache-conf that mainly fixes so that the httpd service is handled more gracefully when reloading the apache server . Other fixes : - fix #53887 - workaround #47992 - added logic to make it possible to set limits from the init script in an attempt to address #30849 and similar problems - added logic to easy debugging with gdb in the initscript Packages ...

A problem has been discovered with cyrus-imapd 2.3.15 on Mandriva 2010 Spring, in handling the IMAP COMPRESS option. Cyrus imapd 2.3.15 implements the IMAP COMPRESS option, in order to compress data between the imap server and clients that support this option, eg. Thunderbird 3. A problem has been discovered in the implementation which causes the inability to upload large messages to the imap serv ...

Perl scripts shipped in the freeradius-web sub package use File::Temp perl module incorrectly, preventing to execute them correctly. In these perl scripts, a change was made to replace the line "use File::Temp \;" by "use File::Tempqw\\;".

In mandriva 2010.0, there was a layout pb in the Kontact Planner plugin. In Korganizer, in the TODO Mode, the first line of text wasn"t viewable in non rich text mode. This update fixes these issues.

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