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Security research firm VUPEN , via TippingPoint"s Pwn2Own contest, reported that memory pressure during Garbage Collection could lead to memory corruption of TypeObjects in the JS engine, resulting in an exploitable use-after-free condition.

Security researcher Juri Aedla , via TippingPoint"s Pwn2Own contest, reported that TypedArrayObject does not handle the case where ArrayBuffer objects are neutered, setting their length to zero while still in use. This leads to out-of-bounds reads and writes into the JavaScript heap, allowing for arbitrary code execution.

Security researcher George Hotz , via TippingPoint"s Pwn2Own contest, discovered an issue where values are copied from an array into a second, neutered array. This allows for an out-of-bounds write into memory, causing an exploitable crash leading to arbitrary code execution.

Security researcher Cody Crews reported a method to bypass System Only Wrappers (SOW) by using XML Binding Language (XBL) content scopes to clone protected XUL elements. This could be used to clone anonymous nodes, making trusted XUL content web accessible.

Fredrik "Flonka" Lnnqvist discovered an issue with image decoding in RasterImage caused by continued use of discarded images. This could allow for the writing to unowned memory and a potentially exploitable crash.

Security researcher Arthur Gerkis , via TippingPoint"s Zero Day Initiative, reported a use-after-free during image processing from sites with specific content types in concert with the imgRequestProxy function. This causes a potentially exploitable crash.

Security researcher Masato Kinugawa reported a cross-origin information leak through web workers" error messages. This violates same-origin policy and the leaked information could potentially be used to gather authentication tokens and other data from third-party websites.

Mozilla developer Boris Zbarsky reported an inconsistency with the different JavaScript engines in how JavaScript native getters on window objects are handled by these engines. This inconsistency can lead to different behaviors in JavaScript code, allowing for a potential security issue with window handling by bypassing of some security checks.

Security researcher Masato Kinugawa discovered that if a web page is missing character set encoding information it can inherit character encoding across navigation into another domain from an earlier site. Only same-origin inheritance is allowed according to the HTML5 specification. This issue allows an attacker to add content that will be interpreted one way on the victim site, but which may the ...

Mozilla security developer Daniel Veditz discovered that <iframe sandbox> restrictions are not applied to an <object> element contained within a sand boxed iframe. This could allow content hosted within a sand boxed iframe to use <object> element to bypass the sandbox restrictions that should be applied.

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