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Changes in MozillaFirefox: - update to Firefox 13.0 * MFSA 2012-34/CVE-2012-1938/CVE-2012-1937/CVE-2011-3101 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards * MFSA 2012-36/CVE-2012-1944 Content Security Policy inline-script bypass * MFSA 2012-37/CVE-2012-1945 Information disclosure though Windows file shares and shortcut files * MFSA 2012-38/CVE-2012-1946 Use-after-free while replacing/inserting a node in ...

The openSUSE 11.4 kernel was updated to fix bugs and security issues. Following security issues have been fixed: CVE-2011-4604: If root does read on a specific socket, it"s possible to corrupt memory over network, with an ICMP packet, if the B.A.T.M.A.N. mesh protocol is used. CVE-2011-2699: Fernando Gont discovered that the IPv6 stack used predictable fragment identification numbers. A remote at ...

Strongswan"s gmp plugin could treat empty RSA signature as valid ones

This update of icedtea-web fixed multiple hewap buffer overflows.

Mozilla XULRunner was updated to to fix a security issue with the embedded libpng, where a integer overflow could allow remote attackers to crash the browser or potentially execute code ,

The Mozilla suite received following security updates : Mozilla Firefox was updated to 16.0.1. Mozilla Seamonkey was updated to 2.13.1. Mozilla Thunderbird was updated to 16.0.1. Mozilla XULRunner was updated to 16.0.1. * MFSA 2012-88/CVE-2012-4191 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards * MFSA 2012-89/CVE-2012-4192/CVE-2012-4193 defaultValue security checks not applied * MFSA 2012-74/CVE-2012-3982/ ...

flash-player fixes two security issues: - memory corruption vulnerability in Matrix3D could lead to code executionn - integer errors that could lead to information disclosure

Adobe Flash Player was updated to fixing various bugs and security issues.

MozillaFirefox was updated to 10.0.1 to fix critical bugs and security issue. Following security issue was fixed: CVE-2012-0452: Mozilla developers Andrew McCreight and Olli Pettay found that ReadPrototypeBindings will leave a XBL binding in a hash table even when the function fails. If this occurs, when the cycle collector reads this hash table and attempts to do a virtual method on this binding ...

Security Update for Xen Following fixes were done: - bnc#776995 - attaching scsi control luns with pvscsi - xend/pvscsi: fix passing of SCSI control LUNs xen-bug776995-pvscsi-no-devname.patch - xend/pvscsi: fix usage of persistant device names for SCSI devices xen-bug776995-pvscsi-persistent-names.patch - xend/pvscsi: update sysfs parser for Linux 3.0 xen-bug776995-pvscsi-sysfs-parser.patch - bnc# ...

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