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Oracle Java 6 Update 26 fixes several security vulnerabilities

This update fixes the following security issues: - 718056: OSPF6D buffer overflow while decoding Link State Update with Inter Area Prefix Lsa - 718058: OSPF6D DoS while decoding Database Description packet - 718059: OSPFD DoS while decoding Hello packet - 718061: OSPFD DoS while decoding Link State Update - 718062: DoS while decoding EXTENDED_COMMUNITIES in Quagga"s BGP

A privileged guest user could cause a buffer overflow in the virtio subsystem of the host, therefore crashing the guest or potentially execute arbitrary code on the host .

Wireshark version upgrade to 1.4.10 to fix various security flaws and other non-security issues.

Mozilla Seamonkey was updated to version 2.4.1, which fixes some regressions found in the 2.4 release.

MozillaFirefox was updated to version 8 to fix the following security issues: * MFSA 2011-47/CVE-2011-3648 Potential XSS against sites using Shift-JIS * MFSA 2011-48/CVE-2011-3651/CVE-2011-3652/CVE-2011-3654 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards * MFSA 2011-49/CVE-2011-3650 Memory corruption while profiling using Firebug * MFSA 2011-52/CVE-2011-3655 Code execution via NoWaiverWrapper - rebased p ...

The pam_env module is vulnerable to a stack overflow and a DoS condition when parsing users .pam_environment files. Additionally a missing return value check inside pam_xauth has been fixed .

This update of libmodplug0 fixes the following issues: 1((src/load_wav.cpp(CVE-2011-2911

specially crafted DNS queries could crash the bind name server .

opera 11.11 fixes a security vulnerability. Certain frameset constructs are not handled correctly when the page is unloaded, causing a memory corruption. To inject code, additional techniques will have to be employed.

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