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yast2-users was updated to fix one security issue. This security issue was fixed: - CVE-2016-1601: Empty passwords fields in /etc/shadow after SLES 12 SP1 autoyast installation . This update includes a script that fixes installations that we"re affected by this problem. It is run automatically upon installing the update. This non-security issue was fixed: - bsc#971804: Set root password correctly ...

This update for openssh fixes the following issues: - CVE-2016-0777: A malicious or compromised server could cause the OpenSSH client to expose part or all of the client"s private key through the roaming feature - CVE-2016-0778: A malicious or compromised server could could trigger a buffer overflow in the OpenSSH client through the roaming feature This update disables the undocumented feature s ...

This update for glibc fixes the following security issues: - CVE-2015-7547: A stack-based buffer overflow in getaddrinfo allowed remote attackers to cause a crash or execute arbitrary code via crafted and timed DNS responses - CVE-2015-8777: Insufficient checking of LD_POINTER_GUARD environment variable allowed local attackers to bypass the pointer guarding protection of the dynamic loader on set ...

The SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 GA kernel was updated to fix one security issue. The following security bug was fixed: - CVE-2016-1583: Prevent the usage of mmap when the lower file system does not allow it. This could have lead to local privilege escalation when ecryptfs-utils was installed and /sbin/mount.ecryptfs_private was setuid .

java-1_8_0-openjdk was updated to version 7u95 to fix several security issues. The following vulnerabilities were fixed: - CVE-2015-7575: Further reduce use of MD5 - CVE-2015-8126: Vulnerability in the AWT component related to splashscreen displays - CVE-2015-8472: Vulnerability in the AWT component, addressed by same fix - CVE-2016-0402: Vulnerability in the Networking component related to URL ...

This update for bind fixes the following issues: Fix two assertion failures that can lead to a remote denial of service attack: * CVE-2016-1285: An error when parsing signature records for DNAME can lead to named exiting due to an assertion failure. * CVE-2016-1286: An error when parsing signature records for DNAME records having specific properties can lead to named exiting due to an assertion f ...

This update for xen to version 4.5.3 fixes the several issues. These security issues were fixed: - CVE-2016-6258: Potential privilege escalation in PV guests . - CVE-2016-6259: Missing SMAP whitelisting in 32-bit exception / event delivery . - CVE-2016-5337: The megasas_ctrl_get_info function allowed local guest OS administrators to obtain sensitive host memory information via vectors related to ...

This openssl update fixes one security issue: - bnc#872299: Fixed missing bounds checks for heartbeat messages .

perl-HTTP-Body was updated to 1.19 and also received a security fix for a potential remote code injection when upload files.

Fixed CVE-2013-3709: make the secret token file readable only for the webyast user to avoid forging the session cookie

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