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Jesse Ruderman, Igor Bukanov, Olli Pettay, Gary Kwong, Jeff Walden, Henry Sivonen, Martijn Wargers, David Baron and Marcia Knous discovered several memory issues in the browser engine. An attacker could exploit these to crash the browser or possibly run arbitrary code as the user invoking the program. Roberto Suggi Liverani discovered a possible issue with unsafe JavaScript execution in chrome do ...

It was discovered that the TIFF library did not correctly handle certain malformed TIFF images. If a user or automated system were tricked into processing a malicious image, a remote attacker could cause an application linked against libtiff to crash, leading to a denial of service.

It was discovered that KTorrent did not properly restrict access when using the web interface plugin. A remote attacker could use a crafted http request and upload arbitrary torrent files to trigger the start of downloads and seeding. It was discovered that KTorrent did not properly handle certain parameters when using the web interface plugin. A remote attacker could use crafted http requests to ...

perl: Larry Wall"s Practical Extraction and Report Language An attacker could send crafted input to Perl and bypass intended restrictions.

pam: Pluggable Authentication Modules An attacker could cause PAM to read or delete arbitrary files or cause it to crash.

dovecot: IMAP and POP3 email server An attacker could send a crafted email message that could disrupt email service.

linux: Linux kernel Multiple kernel flaws have been fixed.

keystone: OpenStack identity service Under certain configurations, Keystone would allow unintended access over the network.

file-roller: archive manager for GNOME File Roller could be made to create or overwrite files.

ghostscript: PostScript and PDF interpreter Details: USN-1911-1 fixed vulnerabilities in Little CMS. This update provides the corresponding updates for Ghostscript. Original advisory Ghostscript could be made to crash if it opened a specially crafted file.

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