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It was discovered that GnuTLS did not always properly verify the hash algorithm of X.509 certificates. If an application linked against GnuTLS processed a crafted certificate, an attacker could make GnuTLS dereference a NULL pointer and cause a DoS via application crash.

ubuntu-release-upgrader: manage release upgrades ubuntu-release-upgrader would crash when attempting to upgrade.

network-manager-applet: GNOME frontend for NetworkManager Details: USN-1483-1 fixed a vulnerability in NetworkManager by disabling the creation of WPA-secured AdHoc wireless connections. This update provides the corresponding change for network-manager-applet. Original advisory network-manager-applet could create insecure AdHoc wireless networks.

network-manager: Network connection manager NetworkManager could create insecure AdHoc wireless networks.

unity-2d: Unity interface for non-accelerated graphics cards Details: USN-1463-2 fixed a bug in Unity 2D exposed by a recent Firefox update. It was discovered that the issue was only partially fixed on Ubuntu 11.04. When Thunderbird was started from the launcher, Thunderbird was still unable to obtain pointer grabs under certain conditions. This update fixes the problem. Original advisory Popup me ...

mysql-5.1: MySQL database - mysql-dfsg-5.1: MySQL database - mysql-dfsg-5.0: MySQL database Several security issues were fixed in MySQL.

ca-certificates-java: Common CA certificates Details: USN-1197-7 fixed a vulnerability in ca-certificates-java. The new package broke upgrades from Ubuntu 11.04 to Ubuntu 11.10. This update fixes the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience. Original advisory USN-1197-7 introduced a regression in ca-certificates-java.

ca-certificates-java: Common CA certificates Details: USN-1197-5 addressed an issue in ca-certificates pertaining to the Dutch Certificate Authority DigiNotar mis-issuing fraudulent certificates. This update provides the corresponding update for ca-certificates-java. Original advisory A certificate authority mis-issued fraudulent certificates.

lightdm: Display Manager Light Display Manager would allow unintended access to file descriptors.

ubuntuone-couch: Ubuntu One CouchDB Fraudulent security certificates could allow sensitive information to be exposed when accessing the Internet.

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