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Platform: win2016Date: (C)2017-08-03   (M)2019-05-13

"Minimum password age" This policy setting determines the number of days that you must use a password before you can change it. The range of values for this policy setting is between 1 and 999 days. (You may also set the value to 0 to allow immediate password changes.) The default value for this setting is 0 days. Vulnerability: Users may have favorite passwords that they like to use because they are easy to remember and they believe that their password choice is secure from compromise. Unfortunately, passwords are compromised and if an attacker is targeting a specific individual user account, with foreknowledge of data about that user, reuse of old passwords can cause a security breach. To address password reuse a combination of security settings is required. Using this policy setting with the Enforce password history setting prevents the easy reuse of old passwords. For example, if you configure the Enforce password history setting to ensure that users cannot reuse any of their last 12 passwords, they could change their password 13 times in a few minutes and reuse the password they started with, unless you also configure the Minimum password age setting to a number that is greater than 0. You must configure this policy setting to a number that is greater than 0 for the Enforce password history setting to be effective. Counter Measure: Configure the Minimum password age setting to a value of at least 2 days. Users should know about this limitation and contact the help desk if they need to change their password during that 2-day period. If you configure the number of days to 0, immediate password changes would be allowed, which we do not recommend. When configuring this setting you should also configure the Maximum password age to a value that makes sense in combination with this one. Potential Impact: If an administrator sets a password for a user but wants that user to change the password when the user first logs on, the administrator must select the User must change password at next logon check box, or the user will not be able to change the password until the next day.


Technical Mechanism: Fix: (1) GPO: Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Account Policies\Password Policy (2) REG: No Registry Info


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