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CVE-2017-12741Date: (C)2017-12-29   (M)2018-03-09

A vulnerability has been identified in SIMATIC S7-200 Smart (All versions < V2.03.01), SIMATIC S7-400 PN V6 (All versions < V6.0.6), SIMATIC S7-400 H V6 (All versions < V6.0.8), SIMATIC S7-400 PN/DP V7 (All versions < V7.0.2), SIMATIC S7-410 V8 (All versions), SIMATIC S7-300 (All versions), SIMATIC S7-1200 (All versions), SIMATIC S7-1500 (All versions < V2.0), SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller (All versions < V2.0), SIMATIC WinAC RTX 2010 incl. F (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200AL (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200ecoPN (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200M (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200MP IM155-5 PN BA (All versions < V4.0.2), SIMATIC ET 200MP IM155-5 PN ST (All versions < V4.1), SIMATIC ET 200MP (except IM155-5 PN BA and IM155-5 PN ST) (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200pro (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200S (All versions), SIMATIC ET 200SP (All versions), Development/Evaluation Kits for PROFINET IO: DK Standard Ethernet Controller (All versions < V4.1.1 Patch 05), Development/Evaluation Kits for PROFINET IO: EK-ERTEC 200P (All versions < V4.5), Development/Evaluation Kits for PROFINET IO: EK-ERTEC 200 (All versions < V4.5), SIMOTION D (All versions < V5.1 HF1), SIMOTION C (All versions < V5.1 HF1), SIMOTION P V4.4 and V4.5 (All versions < V4.5 HF5), SIMOTION P V5 (All versions < V5.1 HF1), SINAMICS DCM (All versions), SINAMICS DCP (All versions), SINAMICS G110M w. PN (All versions < V4.7 SP9 HF1), SINAMICS G120 (C/P/D) w. PN (All versions < V4.7 SP9 HF1), SINAMICS G130 w. PN (All versions), SINAMICS G150 w. PN (All versions), SINAMICS S110 w. PN (All versions < V4.4 SP3 HF6), SINAMICS S120 w. PN (All versions < V4.8 HF5), SINAMICS S150 V4.7 w. PN (All versions), SINAMICS S150 V4.8 w. PN (All versions), SINAMICS V90 w. PN (All versions < V1.02), SINUMERIK 840D sl (All versions), SIMATIC Compact Field Unit (All versions), SIMATIC PN/PN Coupler (All versions), SIMOCODE pro V PROFINET (All versions), SIRIUS Soft Starter 3RW44 PN (All versions). Specially crafted packets sent to port 161/udp could cause a Denial-of-Service condition. The affected devices must be restarted manually.

CVSS Score and Metrics +CVSS Score and Metrics -

CVSS V3 Severity:CVSS V2 Severity:
CVSS Score : 7.5CVSS Score : 7.8
Exploit Score: 3.9Exploit Score: 10.0
Impact Score: 3.6Impact Score: 6.9
CVSS V3 Metrics:CVSS V2 Metrics:
Attack Vector: NETWORKAccess Vector: NETWORK
Attack Complexity: LOWAccess Complexity: LOW
Privileges Required: NONEAuthentication: NONE
User Interaction: NONEConfidentiality: NONE
Scope: UNCHANGEDIntegrity: NONE
Confidentiality: NONEAvailability: COMPLETE
Integrity: NONE 
Availability: HIGH 

CWE    1

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