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moin: Collaborative hypertext environment MoinMoin could be made to expose sensitive information if it received a specially crafted input.

thunderbird: Mozilla Open Source mail and newsgroup client Several security issues were fixed in Thunderbird.

Frediano Ziglio reported a missing check in the script to generate demarshalling code in the SPICE protocol client and server library. The generated demarshalling code is prone to multiple buffer overflows. An authenticated attacker can take advantage of this flaw to cause a denial of service , or possibly, execute arbitrary code.

Nitin Venkatesh discovered a cross-site scripting vulnerability in moin, a Python clone of WikiWiki. A remote attacker can conduct cross-site scripting attacks via the GUI editor"s link dialogue. This only affects installations which have set up fckeditor .

Three vulnerabilities were discovered in the Open Ticket Request System which could result in privilege escalation or denial of service.

This update fixes several vulnerabilities in Imagemagick, a graphical software suite. Various memory handling problems or incomplete input sanitising have been found in the coders for BMP, DIB, PICT, DCM, CUT and PSD.

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer which could result in denial of service or the execution of arbitrary code.

Magnus Klaaborg Stubman discovered a NULL pointer dereference bug in net-snmp, a suite of Simple Network Management Protocol applications, allowing a remote, authenticated attacker to crash the snmpd process .

Markdown is a text-to-HTML filter; it translates an easy-to-read / easy-to-write structured text format into HTML. Markdown's text format is most similar to that of plain text email, and supports features such as headers, emphasis, code blocks, blockquotes, and links. This is a fast and complete Python implementation of the Markdown spec

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