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KsCD is a small, fast, CDDB enabled audio CD player.

Marble is a Virtual Globe and World Atlas that you can use to learn more about Earth: You can pan and zoom around and you can look up places and roads. A mouse click on a place label will provide the respective Wikipedia article. Of course it"s also possible to measure distances between locations or watch the current cloud cover. Marble offers different thematic maps: A classroom- style topographi ...

KLettres aims to help to learn the alphabet and then to read some syllables in different languages. It is meant to help learning the very first sounds of a new language, for children or for adults.

Shisen-Sho is a solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles. Unlike Mahjong however, Shisen-Sho has only one layer of scrambled tiles. You can remove matching pieces if they can be connected with a line with at most two bends in it. At the same time, the line must not cross any other tiles. To win a game of Shisen-Sho the player has to remove all the tiles from the game boar ...

Kajongg is the ancient Chinese board game for 4 players. Kajongg can be used in two different ways: Scoring a manual game where you play as always and use Kajongg for the computation of scores and for bookkeeping. Or you can use Kajongg to play against any combination of other human players or computer players.

Sweeper helps to clean unwanted traces the user leaves on the system.

Thumbnailers for various graphic types.

Additional plasmoids for KDE.

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