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KFourInLine is a four-in-a-row game. The players try to build up a row of four pieces using different strategies. Pieces are placed on a board. The game can also be played against a computer

KBounce is a single player arcade game with the elements of puzzle. It is played on a field, surrounded by walls, with two or more balls that move about in the field bouncing off of walls. The player can build new walls, decreasing the size of the active field. The goal of the game is to fill at least 75% of the field and advance to the next level.

KSnakeDuel is a simple snake duel game. You can play KSnakeDuel against the computer or a friend. The aim of the game is to live longer than your opponent. To do that, avoid running into a wall, your own tail and that of your opponent.

KsCD is a small, fast, CDDB enabled audio CD player.

Mathematical Function Plotter.

Libkdcraw is a C++ interface around LibRaw library used to decode RAW picture files

A metapackage/collection of applications and tools used by developers, including: * cervisia: a CVS frontend * kate: advanced text editor * kcachegrind: a browser for data produced by profiling tools * kompare: diff tool * kuiviewer: displays designer"s UI files * lokalize: computer-aided translation system focusing on productivity and performance * okteta: binary/hex editor * umbrello: UML model ...

API for using and interacting with Activities as a consumer, application adding information to them or as an activity manager.

This package includes bindings for KDE libraries.

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