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Ruby bindings for libraries created by the KDE community.

Provides accessibility services like focus tracking and a screen reader.

Kdeutils metapackage, to ease migration to split applications

This package includes Smoke Generator.

The goal of Kolor Lines is quite plain. The player has to move the colored balls around the game board, gathering them into the lines of the same color by five. Once the line is complete it is removed from the board, therefore freeing precious space. In the same time the new balls keep arriving by three after each move, filling up the game board. Kolor Lines cannot be won, and is played against th ...

Kdemultimedia metapackage, to ease migration to split applications.

Printer management for KDE.

Lieutenant Skat is a fun and engaging card game for two players, where the second player is either live opponent, or builtin artificial intelligence.

KDE PIM Runtime Environment.

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