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This package contains configuration utilities for the GNOME desktop, which allow to configure accessibility options, desktop fonts, keyboard and mouse properties, sound setup, desktop theme and background, user interface properties, screen resolution, and other settings.

A player for playing SID music modules originally created on the Commodore 64 and compatibles.

Multimedia framework api.

Cinnamon is a Linux desktop which provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience. The desktop layout is similar to Gnome 2. The underlying technology is forked from Gnome Shell. The emphasis is put on making users feel at home and providing them with an easy to use and comfortable desktop experience.

Minimodem is a command-line program which decodes audio modem tones at any specified baud rate, using various framing protocols. It acts a general-purpose software FSK modem, and includes support for various standard FSK protocols such as Bell103, Bell202, RTTY, NOAA SAME, and Caller-ID.

Fritz Fun is a clean solution for controlling the FRITZ!Box or compatible router with Linux. It offers a rich feature list, including caller monitor and fax support. It offers integration with the KDE, evolution and Thurderbird address books. Some plug-ins are packaged separately.

PulseAudio is a sound server for Linux and other Unix like operating systems. It is intended to be an improved drop-in replacement for the Enlightened Sound Daemon .

libmikmod is a library used by the mikmod MOD music file player for UNIX-like systems. Supported file formats include MOD, STM, S3M, MTM, XM, ULT and IT.

This package provides essential plugins for the Audacious audio player.

A daemon to share settings from CINNAMON to other applications. It also handles global keybindings, and many of desktop-wide settings.

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