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SOPlanning 1.45 is vulnerable to authenticated SQL Injection that leads to command execution via the users parameter, as demonstrated by export_ical.php.

Couchbase Server 4.x and 5.x before 6.0.0 has Insecure Permissions for the projector and indexer REST endpoints (they allow unauthenticated access).

Joplin through 1.0.184 allows Arbitrary File Read via XSS.

Arista DCS-7050QX-32S-R 4.20.9M, DCS-7050CX3-32S-R 4.20.11M, and DCS-7280SRAM-48C6-R devices allow attackers to bypass intended TACACS+ shell restrictions via a | character.

A stored XSS vulnerability exists in the Modula Image Gallery plugin before 2.2.5 for WordPress. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability would allow an authenticated low-privileged user to inject arbitrary JavaScript code that is viewed by other users.

In GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE) 12.5.0 through 12.7.5, sharing a group with a group could grant project access to unauthorized users.

cloud-init through 19.4 relies on Mersenne Twister for a random password, which makes it easier for attackers to predict passwords, because rand_str in cloudinit/util.py calls the random.choice function.

In cloud-init through 19.4, rand_user_password in cloudinit/config/cc_set_passwords.py has a small default pwlen value, which makes it easier for attackers to guess passwords.

Trend Micro Vulnerability Protection 2.0 is affected by a vulnerability that could allow an attack to use the product installer to load other DLL files located in the same directory.

IKTeam BearFTP before 0.2.0 allows remote attackers to achieve denial of service via a large volume of connections to the PASV mode port.

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