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** REJECT ** DO NOT USE THIS CANDIDATE NUMBER. ConsultIDs: CVE-2017-15955. Reason: This candidate is a reservation duplicate of CVE-2017-15955. Notes: All CVE users should reference CVE-2017-15955 instead of this candidate. All references and descriptions in this candidate have been removed to prevent accidental usage.

Structured Data Linter versions 2.4.1 and older are vulnerable to a directory traversal attack in the URL input field resulting in the possibility of disclosing information about the remote host.

** REJECT ** DO NOT USE THIS CANDIDATE NUMBER. ConsultIDs: none. Reason: This candidate was withdrawn by its CNA due to lack of a reference providing provenance. Notes: none.

fs-git is a file system like api for git repository. The fs-git version 1.0.1 module relies on child_process.exec, however, the buildCommand method used to construct exec strings does not properly sanitize data and is vulnerable to command injection across all methods that use it and call exec.

GuixSD prior to Git commit 5e66574a128937e7f2fcf146d146225703ccfd5d used POSIX hard links incorrectly, leading the creation of setuid executables in "the store", violating a fundamental security assumption of GNU Guix.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Help.aspx in mojoPortal version allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the helpkey parameter. Exploitation requires authenticated reflected cross-site scripting for user accounts assigned either the "Administrators" or "Content Administrators" role.

Bro before Bro v2.5.2 is vulnerable to an out of bounds write in the ContentLine analyzer allowing remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) and possibly other exploitation.

Leanote version <= 2.5 is vulnerable to XSS due to not sanitized input in markdown notes

In line libavcodec/h264dec.c:500 in libav(v13_dev0), ffmpeg(n3.4), chromium(56 prior Feb 13, 2017), the return value of init_get_bits is ignored and get_ue_golomb(&gb) is called on an uninitialized get_bits context, which causes a NULL deref exception.

Brave Software's Brave Browser, version 0.19.73 (and earlier) is vulnerable to an incorrect access control issue in the "JS fingerprinting blocking" component, resulting in a malicious website being able to access the fingerprinting-associated browser functionality (that the browser intends to block).

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