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kittoframework kitto 0.5.1 is vulnerable to directory traversal in the router resulting in remote code execution

kittoframework kitto version 0.5.1 is vulnerable to an XSS in the 404 page resulting in information disclosure

kittoframework kitto version 0.5.1 is vulnerable to memory exhaustion in the router resulting in DoS

Multiple Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in rpc.php in OpenMediaVault release 2.1 in Access Rights Management(Users) functionality allows attackers to inject arbitrary web scripts and execute malicious scripts within an authenticated client's browser.

The entry details view function in KeePass version 1.32 inadvertently decrypts certain database entries into memory, which may result in the disclosure of sensitive information.

MODX Revolution version 2.x - 2.5.6 is vulnerable to blind SQL injection caused by improper sanitization by the escape method resulting in authenticated user accessing database and possibly escalating privileges.

TestTrack Server versions 1.0 and earlier are vulnerable to an authentication flaw in the split disablement feature resulting in the ability to disable arbitrary running splits and cause denial of service to clients in the field.

CSRF in Bitly oauth2_proxy 2.1 during authentication flow

The Bitly oauth2_proxy in version 2.1 and earlier was affected by an open redirect vulnerability during the start and termination of the 2-legged OAuth flow. This issue was caused by improper input validation and a violation of RFC-6819

Jasig phpCAS version 1.3.4 is vulnerable to an authentication bypass in the validateCAS20 function when configured to authenticate against an old CAS server.

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