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Vulnerability in wordpress plugin Easy Team Manager v1.3.2, The code does not sanitize id before making it part of an SQL statement in file ./easy-team-manager/inc/easy_team_manager_desc_edit.php

Vulnerability in web application Kind Editor v4.1.12, kindeditor/php/upload_json.php does not check authentication before allow users to upload files.

Vulnerability in wordpress plugin add-edit-delete-listing-for-member-module v1.0, The plugin author does not sanitize user supplied input via $act before passing it into an SQL statement.

Vulnerability in wordpress plugin Event Expresso Free v3.1.37.11.L, The function edit_event_category does not sanitize user-supplied input via the $id parameter before passing it into an SQL statement.

Vulnerability in wordpress plugin rk-responsive-contact-form v1.0, The variable $delid isn't sanitized before being passed into an SQL query in file ./rk-responsive-contact-form/include/rk_user_list.php.

Vulnerability in wordpress plugin wordpress-gallery-transformation v1.0, SQL injection is in ./wordpress-gallery-transformation/gallery.php via $jpic parameter being unsanitized before being passed into an SQL query.

Default access permissions for Persistent Volumes (PVs) created by the Kubernetes Azure cloud provider in versions 1.6.0 to 1.6.5 are set to "container" which exposes a URI that can be accessed without authentication on the public internet. Access to the URI string requires privileged access to the Kubernetes cluster or authenticated access to the Azure portal.

python-fedora 0.8.0 and lower is vulnerable to an open redirect resulting in loss of CSRF protection

Pagure 3.3.0 and earlier is vulnerable to loss of confidentially due to improper authorization

Koji 1.13.0 does not properly validate SCM paths, allowing an attacker to work around blacklisted paths for build submission.

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