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Shopware v5.2.5 - v5.3 is vulnerable to cross site scripting in the customer and order section of the content management system backend modules. Remote attackers are able to inject malicious script code into the firstname, lastname, or order input fields to provoke persistent execution in the customer and orders section of the backend. The execution occurs in the administrator backend listing when ...

Multiple client-side cross site scripting vulnerabilities have been discovered in the WpJobBoard v4.5.1 web-application for WordPress. The vulnerabilities are located in the `query` and `id` parameters of the `wpjb-email`, `wpjb-job`, `wpjb-application`, and `wpjb-membership` modules. Remote attackers are able to inject malicious script code to hijack admin session credentials via the backend, or ...

The TELNET service in Mobatek MobaXterm 10.4 does not require authentication, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via TCP port 23.

Nero has an unquoted BINARY_PATH_NAME for NBService, exploitable via a Trojan horse Nero.exe file in the %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Nero directory.

rate-me.php in Rate Me 1.0 has XSS via the id field in a rate action.

The store_versioninfo_gnu_verdef function in libr/bin/format/elf/elf.c in radare2 2.0.0 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (r_read_le16 invalid write and application crash) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a crafted ELF file.

In the 3CX Phone System 15.5.3554.1, the Management Console typically listens to port 5001 and is prone to a directory traversal attack: "/api/RecordingList/DownloadRecord?file=" and "/api/SupportInfo?file=" are the vulnerable parameters. An attacker must be authenticated to exploit this issue to access sensitive information to aid in subsequent attacks.

PRTG Network Monitor version is vulnerable to stored Cross-Site Scripting on all group names created, related to incorrect error handling for an HTML encoded script.

osTicket 1.10.1 allows arbitrary client-side JavaScript code execution on victims who click a crafted support/scp/tickets.php?status= link, aka XSS. Session ID and data theft may follow as well as the possibility of bypassing CSRF protections, injection of iframes to establish communication channels, etc. The vulnerability is present after login into the application. This affects a different ticke ...

Directory traversal vulnerability in public/examples/resources/getsource.php in Luracast Restler through 3.0.0, as used in the restler extension before 1.7.1 for TYPO3, allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via the file parameter.

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