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A vulnerability has been identified in SINUMERIK 808D V4.7 (All versions), SINUMERIK 808D V4.8 (All versions), SINUMERIK 828D V4.7 (All versions < V4.7 SP6 HF1), SINUMERIK 840D sl V4.7 (All versions < V4.7 SP6 HF5), SINUMERIK 840D sl V4.8 (All versions < V4.8 SP3). A local attacker could modify a user-writeable configuration file so that after reboot or manual initiation the system reloads the mod ...

An error related to the "LibRaw::panasonic_load_raw()" function (dcraw_common.cpp) in LibRaw versions prior to 0.18.6 can be exploited to cause a heap-based buffer overflow and subsequently cause a crash via a specially crafted TIFF image.

An error within the "LibRaw::xtrans_interpolate()" function (internal/dcraw_common.cpp) in LibRaw versions prior to 0.18.6 can be exploited to cause an invalid read memory access and subsequently a Denial of Service condition.

The caching feature in SGOS in Blue Coat ProxySG 5.5 through, 6.1 through, 6.2 through, 6.4 through, and 6.3 and 6.5 before 6.5.4 allows remote authenticated users to bypass intended access restrictions during a time window after account deletion or modification by leveraging knowledge of previously valid credentials.

Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager guest authorization failure. Certain administrative operations in ClearPass Guest do not properly enforce authorization rules, which allows any authenticated administrative user to execute those operations regardless of privilege level. This could allow low-privilege users to view, modify, or delete guest users. Resolution: Fixed in 6.7.6 and 6.6.10-hotfix.

A vulnerability exists in the firmware of embedded BLE radios that are part of some Aruba Access points. An attacker who is able to exploit the vulnerability could install new, potentially malicious firmware into the AP's BLE radio and could then gain access to the AP's console port. This vulnerability is applicable only if the BLE radio has been enabled in affected access points. The BLE radio is ...

In Aruba ClearPass, disabled API admins can still perform read/write operations. In certain circumstances, API admins in ClearPass which have been disabled may still be able to perform read/write operations on parts of the XML API. This can lead to unauthorized access to the API and complete compromise of the ClearPass instance if an attacker knows of the existence of these accounts.

An authenticated SQL injection vulnerability in Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager can lead to privilege escalation. All versions of ClearPass are affected by multiple authenticated SQL injection vulnerabilities. In each case, an authenticated administrative user of any type could exploit this vulnerability to gain access to "appadmin" credentials, leading to complete cluster compromise. Resolution: F ...

An unauthenticated remote command execution exists in Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager on linked devices. The ClearPass OnConnect feature permits administrators to link other network devices into ClearPass for the purpose of collecting enhanced information about connected endpoints. A defect in the API could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands on one of the linked devices. This vul ...

A Remote Authentication bypass in Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager leads to complete cluster compromise. An authentication flaw in all versions of ClearPass could allow an attacker to compromise the entire cluster through a specially crafted API call. Network access to the administrative web interface is required to exploit this vulnerability. Resolution: Fixed in 6.7.6 and 6.6.10-hotfix.

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