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CouchDB administrative users before 2.2.0 can configure the database server via HTTP(S). Due to insufficient validation of administrator-supplied configuration settings via the HTTP API, it is possible for a CouchDB administrator user to escalate their privileges to that of the operating system's user under which CouchDB runs, by bypassing the blacklist of configuration settings that are not allow ...

Several resources in Atlassian Fisheye and Crucible before version 4.6.0 allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary HTML or JavaScript via a cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in linked issue keys.

In WordPress 4.9.7, plugins uploaded via the admin area are not verified as being ZIP files. This allows for PHP files to be uploaded. Once a PHP file is uploaded, the plugin extraction fails, but the PHP file remains in a predictable wp-content/uploads location, allowing for an attacker to then execute the file. This represents a security risk in limited scenarios where an attacker (who does have ...

Tiki before 18.2, 15.7 and 12.14 has XSS via link attributes, related to lib/core/WikiParser/OutputLink.php and lib/parser/parserlib.php.

Stored XSS vulnerabilities in Tiki before 18.2, 15.7 and 12.14 allow an authenticated user injecting JavaScript to gain administrator privileges if an administrator opens a wiki page and moves the mouse pointer over a modified link or thumb image.

Unrestricted file upload (with remote code execution) in require/mail/NotificationMail.php in Webconsole in OCS Inventory NG OCS Inventory Server through 2.5 allows a privileged user to gain access to the server via a template file containing PHP code, because file extensions other than .html are permitted.

A file upload vulnerability exists in ukcms v1.1.7 and earlier. The vulnerability is due to the system not strictly filtering the file upload type. An attacker can exploit the vulnerability to upload a script Trojan to admin.php/admin/configset/index/group/upload.html to gain server control by composing a request for a .txt upload and then changing it to a .php upload. The attacker must have admin ...

A vulnerability in uniview EZPlayer 1.0.6 could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a targeted system via video playback.

Insecure configuration storage in Zipato Zipabox Smart Home Controller BOARD REV - 1 with System Version -118 allows remote attacker perform new attack vectors and take under control device and smart home.

Weak hashing algorithm in Zipato Zipabox Smart Home Controller BOARD REV - 1 with System Version -118 allows unauthenticated attacker extract clear text passwords and get root access on the device.

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