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OpenSMTPD before 6.6.4 allows remote code execution because of an out-of-bounds read in mta_io in mta_session.c for multi-line replies. Although this vulnerability affects the client side of OpenSMTPD, it is possible to attack a server because the server code launches the client code during bounce handling.

An issue was discovered in Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) before 8.8.15 Patch 7. When grantors revoked a shared calendar in Outlook, the calendar stayed mounted and accessible.

participants-database.php in the Participants Database plugin and previous versions for WordPress has a time-based SQL injection vulnerability via the ascdesc, list_filter_count, or sortBy parameters. It is possible to exfiltrate data and potentially execute code (if certain conditions are met).

Trend Micro Vulnerability Protection 2.0 is affected by a vulnerability that could allow an attack to use the product installer to load other DLL files located in the same directory.

The Admin web application in Kinetica does not properly sanitise the input for the function getLogs. This lack of sanitisation could be exploited to allow an authenticated attacker to run remote code on the underlying operating system. The logFile parameter in the getLogs function was used as a variable in a command to read log files; however, due to poor input sanitisation, ...

There is an OS command injection vulnerability in Ruby Rake < 12.3.3 in Rake::FileList when supplying a filename that begins with the pipe character `|`.

LabVantage LIMS 8.3 does not properly maintain the confidentiality of database names. For example, the web application exposes the database name. An attacker might be able to enumerate database names by providing his own database name in a request, because the response will return an 'Unrecognized Database exception message if the database does not exist.

In the JetBrains Scala plugin before 2019.2.1, some artefact dependencies were resolved over unencrypted connections.

D-Link DCH-M225 1.05b01 and earlier devices allow remote authenticated admins to execute arbitrary OS commands via shell metacharacters in the media renderer name.

D-Link DCH-M225 1.05b01 and earlier devices allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary OS commands via shell metacharacters in the spotifyConnect.php userName parameter.

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