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A vulnerability in the authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) implementation of Cisco Firepower Extensible Operating System (FXOS) and NX-OS System Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause an affected device to reload. The vulnerability occurs because AAA processes prevent the NX-OS System Manager from receiving keepalive messages when an affected device recei ...

Deployments of TIBCO Managed File Transfer Command Center versions 8.0.0 and 8.0.1 and TIBCO Managed File Transfer Internet Server versions 8.0.0 and 8.0.1 that enable the Administrator Service may be affected by a vulnerability which may allow any authenticated user to gain administrative control of Managed File Transfer web applications.

In GNU Libextractor 1.4, there is a NULL Pointer Dereference in the EXTRACTOR_nsf_extract_method function of plugins/nsf_extractor.c.

In GNU Libextractor 1.4, there is a heap-based buffer overflow in the EXTRACTOR_png_extract_method function in plugins/png_extractor.c, related to processiTXt and stndup.

In GNU Libextractor 1.4, there is an integer signedness error for the chunk size in the EXTRACTOR_nsfe_extract_method function in plugins/nsfe_extractor.c, leading to an infinite loop for a crafted size.

Octopus before 3.17.7 allows attackers to obtain sensitive cleartext information by reading a variable JSON file in certain situations involving Offline Drop Targets.

An issue was discovered in Octopus before 3.17.7. When the special Guest user account is granted the CertificateExportPrivateKey permission, and Guest Access is enabled for the Octopus Server, an attacker can sign in as the Guest account and export Certificates managed by Octopus, including the private key.

In Octopus before 3.17.7, an authenticated user who was explicitly granted the permission to invite new users (aka UserInvite) can invite users to teams with escalated privileges.

mistune.py in Mistune 0.7.4 allows XSS via an unexpected newline (such as in java\nscript:) or a crafted email address, related to the escape and autolink functions.

An issue was discovered in Xen through 4.9.x allowing x86 PV guest OS users to execute arbitrary code on the host OS because of a race condition that can cause a stale TLB entry.

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